Great is caring for man’s best friend.

Specialised dog groomer and Singapore Specials advocate, Christine Seah, is on a mission to bring more compassion to the pet grooming scene with her skills and knowledge in handling dogs with health and behavioral issues.

This is her Reach for Great story.

This is her Reach for Great story.
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"When you have a dog with such issues, your entire life is riddled with anxiety... This is something that I don't want people to live with. I want them to enjoy a life of harmony with their dog."

What kind of change do you hope to make through your work?  

Funny enough, the thing that sparked my entire interest was my own dog because he’s a Singapore Special (referring to dogs that have been bred on the streets) and was quite a handful. It was very difficult for me to find a place that would accommodate him, let alone accept him. So, I decided to learn more about grooming for my own dog, but when I realised I was quite good at it, I decided to pursue it professionally.

‘Great’, to me, is about pursuing your passion to the fullest, but not losing sight of the bigger picture – which is using your skills and knowledge to help those around you."

What inspires you to Reach for Great every day?   

I’m inspired when I see the tangible progress in the dogs and owners at every appointment. As the dog improves over time, I can see the owner’s sense of relief. There is less anxiety about the dog and the entire grooming process. Witnessing a happier relationship forming and knowing that I have the power to help both pet and owner lead better lives, is what pushes me every day. 

Like Christine, we know you’re reaching for your dreams every day.
No matter what Great looks like to you, we’ll help you get there.

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