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5 tips to choosing a luggage

Suitcase buying guide: Top tips to choosing the best travel luggage

29 Nov 2023
5 tips to choosing a luggage
5 tips to choosing a luggage


  • Is it able to withstand rough handling and terrains?
  • Soft cases are great as carry-on and backpacking trips. Hard ones protect fragile items.


  • Smooth-rolling wheels will prevent tripping accidents!
  • Opt for a 4-wheel with both top and side handles for easy navigation.


  • Look out for sensible pockets to access essentials quickly.


  • This allows room for purchases and souvenirs.

Safety features

  • Although only required for travels to the US, a TSA-approved lock is recommended – look out for a ‘red diamond’ on the lock

Remember to include a waterproof label on your luggage with your contact details, without your home address – as this could be an opportunity for burglars, so you can retrieve lost luggage ASAP.

Lastly, invest in a travel insurance that covers lost or stolen baggage.

TravelSmart Premier
TravelSmart Premier

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