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Great expectations #5

A travel series featuring the tropics

15 Nov 2023
Great expectations #5
Tropical holiday: 5 tips for the tropics

Navigating the tropics is quite an adventure: unpredictable weather conditions, mosquitoes, and possible food dangers. But don’t shy away from a wonderful tropical holiday! Just prepare well, avoid eating raw foods (especially salads), secure your travel insurance and you’re all set to jet!

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Tropical Holiday: 5 tips for the tropics

  1. Weather surprises
    The weather can be unpredictable. For instance, in Belize, the weather changes quickly during the rainy season, beginning in June. Brief downpours may happen even during the peak afternoon heat.
    While you definitely want to pack light clothing, consider UV protection apparel for the sun, and an umbrella for the rain!
  2. Blackouts
    Tropical countries are prone to heavy winds that can lead to power surges. Pack a flashlight and carry a power bank to chare your electronic devices just in case.
    In areas with unstable signal reception, keep a physical record of your lodging and emergency numbers! Do this for any country, so you are always prepared.
  3. Mosquitos and bugs
    Some tropical countries, like Cuba, have high mosquito populations, which may transmit diseases such as dengue fever. Make sure to pack insect repellent and long-sleeved attire to protect yourself!
    Pro-tip: Remember to zip all your bags and pouches after using them to ensure no pesky bugs enter!
  4. Foodborne illnesses
    Foodborne illnesses are also common in tropical countries due to the wet and warm climate which stimulates bacterial growth.Consume only cooked foods and bottled water, and bring anti-diarrhoea and anti-sickness medications.
    Avoid eating raw salads for possible contaminants!
  5. Coconut trees
    Amidst the clam and tranquil surroundings, a heavy breeze could unexpectedly send coconuts tumbling your way! Be mindful when walking under coconut trees, and relax at a spot that is clear of potential falling hazards.
    Pro-tip: Buy travel insurance 30 days before the trip for the widest medical coverage.
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