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Life Insurance


Lifetime coverage made affordable

GREAT Term is an affordable term insurance plan that provides high protection against death and terminal illness. 


For enhanced coverage, you can add optional supplementary riders against total and permanent disability and critical illness. 


As your needs change in your life’s journey, you can also convert your plan to a whole life, endowment, universal life or investment-linked plan.  The choice is yours when the time is right.

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Key benefits


Essential protection made affordable 

Enjoy protection against death and terminal illness, at an affordable premium.


Assurance to convert your policy

Choose to convert it to a life policy offering cash value, regardless of your health status 


Highly customisable  coverage 

Choose a policy term starting from a six-year term, to up to age 100.  Optional riders to cover total and permanent disability and 53 critical illnesses

How GREAT Term works

Whole Life or Term Life Insurance

Know the differences between whole life and term life insurance

Whole Life or Term Life Insurance

Differences between Term Life and  Whole Life insurance in a nutshell

6 reasons to buy term insurance

Young working professionals  

A simple and affordable protection plan for every young working professionals

parents with growing family

Parents with growing family

Cost-effective solution for the financial security for yourself and your loved ones

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