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GREAT Lifetime Payout

Retirement Income

GREAT Lifetime Payout | Lifetime Retirement Income

#Lifeproof your lifetime income towards financial freedom

GREAT Lifetime Payout, a participating whole of life plan that maximises your savings the smarter way, with the assurance of up to 3.00% per annum1 for a lifetime of monthly cash payouts. Your capital is 100% guaranteed after you’ve had the policy for 6 years2. You also have the flexibility to manage your payouts and policy value as your needs evolve. 


It’s easy to start, with a short premium commitment of only three years, starting from S$10,000 a year and no medical assessment is required. 


According to our recent study*, 85% of seniors who planned with an adviser are happier with their retirement outcomes.


Ready to start? Learn more about retirement planning.

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Key benefits

Lifetime monthly payouts up to 3.00% per annum

Your lifetime payouts start from the 4th policy anniversary comprising guaranteed payout (1.00% per annum) and non-guaranteed payout (up to 2.00% per annum). Alternatively, choose to accumulate them for potentially higher returns3 .

capital guarantee

100% capital guarantee

Be assured of a 100% capital guarantee from the end of 6th policy year2 .  

Inheritance for next generation

Inheritance for the next generation

Receive a lump sum benefit in the event of your passing or terminal illness to cover your expenses. 

Plan with us and receive S$20 worth of UPGREAT points! Terms and conditions apply.

How GREAT Lifetime Payout provides income for life

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