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GREAT Prime Rewards

Retirement Income

GREAT Prime Rewards | Guaranteed Income Stream

#Lifeproof your retirement dream with a secure financial future

GREAT Prime Rewards, a single premium participating endowment plan, gives you a steady stream of annual cash payouts to secure your financial future. Your capital is guaranteed from the end of year 5 with a lump sum payout upon Death, Total & Permanent Disability1or Terminal Illness.


All you need is just a minimum single premium of S$10,000, with no medical assessment needed to get started!

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Key benefits


Enjoy the extra income or let the money grow 

Receive a stream of annual income of up to a total of 147%* of the single premium, or accumulate the payouts at an attractive interest rate2 .


100% capital guarantee

Have the assurance of a 100% capital guarantee from the end of year 5.


Choose the duration of your income stream

Choice to receive an annual income stream for a period of 10, 15, 17 or 20 years. 

How GREAT Prime Rewards provides a guaranteed income stream

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