The application

The Great Step Internship Programme offers you internship opportunities with our varoius divisions. Based on your course of study, or your interests, you will be able to find the right match for you. 

1)    Finding the right programme

You will be surprised to know that many students actually struggle when finding the right position that suits their skill sets or interests.

To find what is best for you, you can consider seeking the advice from career advisors in your institution. Often times, these career advisors would have had much experience in the corporate world and would therefore be able to guide you in your selection and application processes.

2)    Crafting a resume

Resumes play a very important role in determining whether you will secure the internship position you desire. Showcase and highlight not only your achievements in your resume, but also your strong attributes that define you as an individual. 

Always remember to tailor your resumes to fit any job application. Know what you are applying for and then play on your skills and strengths to show how you are the best candidate for the job! 

3)    Seek feedback from others

If you can, try and ask your institution's career advisor for feedback on your resume. Of course, many of these career advisors are always very busy handling internship applications from many students, therefore if you are unable to get their feedback, approach some of your close friends who have successfully applied for internships and ask them for their opinion on how you can perfect your resume.