Working at Great Eastern

At Great Eastern, we believe in promoting a positive and engaging environment to bring out the best in you.

We take great pride in ensuring that internally, staff well-being and award-winning performance go hand in hand.

We are excited about our continuous involvement in promoting good health, extending from health activities like soccer tournaments to expert nutritional advice and culinary tips from passionate chefs in our healthy cooking workshops.

Helping you live healthier and better

We believe in taking steps to nurture people inside the company. As an Asian leader and principal employer in the insurance industry, we are proud to promote diversity and equal opportunities.

Built on the same ideals that Great Eastern is a LIFE company, our internal engagement programme - LIFE Programme inspires healthy living by incentivising employees to stay healthy and acts as the glue that brings employees together, motivating everyone to develop a healthy living lifestyle, everyday, any time. 

We strongly believe that living great should start at home and the life culture has to be shaped inside out with our employees as the best brand ambassadors.

Launched in 2013, the LIFE programme is a first-of-its kind integrated employee health incentive benefit programme growing from strength to strength, with almost 90% of participants reporting lifestyle changes, encouraged by this programme.