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GREAT Maternity Care

Health Insurance Plan

GREAT Maternity Care | Pregnancy and Newborn Insurance

#Lifeproof your pregnancy and protect your child with lifelong coverage

For a one-time premium, GREAT Maternity Care provides complete coverage for both mother and child from as early as 13 weeks of pregnancy and until end of third policy year.


Your child's lifelong protection can also start without medical assessment by exercising Guaranteed Insurability Benefit (GIB) option1, from your child’s first cry.


What's more, with Mum Again Benefit2, you get to enjoy hassle-free application with no medical assessment on your subsequent purchase of GREAT Maternity Care!

Key benefits


Comprehensive coverage starts before child’s birth

Be covered against 19 pregnancy and childbirth complications3 . Your child is also covered against 26 congenital conditions4 from birth.





Financial coverage for mother and child’s medical needs

Receive up to S$200 daily hospital cash payout up to 30 days5 due to a covered hospitalisation event.


Safeguard you and your child’s future for life

With the Guaranteed Insurability Benefit (GIB)

Option1 , you can insure yourself and/or your child without medical underwriting. Any pre-existing conditions of your child diagnosed prior to the purchase of the new policy via the GIB Option1 will also be covered6 .

How GREAT Maternity Care protects you and your child

Financial planning for new parents

Happy baby with savings

Financial move many parents-to-be overlook


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