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GREAT Flexi Protect Series | Multiplied Lifetime Coverage

Multiply your lifelong multiplied coverage to protect you and your loved ones

Your loved ones deserve proper planning to ensure a lifelong financial safety net for them. Their lifestyles and dreams can carry on without disappointment, should the unfortunate happen to you prematurely and you are no longer able to provide for them.

The GREAT Flexi Protect Series offers you a choice of three whole life participating plans, along with three optional riders.

GREAT Flexi Protect 2 covers Death, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), Terminal Illness (TI) and Accidental TPD (ATPD).

GREAT Flexi Living Protect 2 covers Death, TPD, ATPD, TI and Critical Stage of Critical Illness (CI) with Additional Benefit1.

GREAT Complete Flexi Living Protect 2 covers Death, TPD, ATPD, TI and Early, Intermediate and Critical Stages of CI with Additional Benefit2.

You have the flexibility to choose up to three optional riders that provide coverage for Death, TPD, TI, choice of CI at the Early and Intermediate Stages, and/or Critical Stage with Additional Benefit for enhanced and multiplied coverage. 

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Key benefits

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    Lifetime coverage that increases as you age

    Enjoy an increase in your protection value from non-guaranteed bonuses with each policy year, from your selection of one of the three base plans.

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    Additional cash payouts for critical illnesses and medical conditions

    Customise your plan to suit your life stages and the coverage you’ll need. Get additional payouts for medical conditions covered under the Special Benefit, Senior Benefit, Benign Tumour Benefit and (if your child is the insured) Juvenile Benefit2 up to age 18. You can also customise your protection to be continued even after a full claim is made upon any Early or Intermediate Stage of CI.

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    Multiply your coverage by 200%, 300% or more

    Boost the protection you’ll need without limits on the multiplier factor3 with our optional riders, which can provide multiplied coverage up to age 100.

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    Lifetime coverage with choice of premium terms

    Pick the payment term that best suits you – be it 20 years or till you’re 65 years old, free yourself from premium payments throughout the policy term while enjoying comprehensive protection for life.

How GREAT Flexi Protect Series works

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Understand the details before buying

Additional Benefit for GREAT Flexi Living Protect 2 provides coverage for Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatment For Coronary Artery.

Additional Benefit for GREAT Complete Flexi Living Protect 2 comprises Special Benefit (including Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatment For Coronary Artery), Juvenile Benefit, Senior Benefit and Benign Tumour Benefit. Please refer to the Product Summary for the list of conditions covered.

Subject to the maximum coverage allowed.

The non-guaranteed bonuses accumulate with each policy year and end when the basic sum assured is fully claimed.

Rounded down to the nearest dollar. Premium rates for Living Multiplier Rider and Complete Living Multiplier Rider are not guaranteed and may be adjusted based on future experience of the plans.

Subject to the applicable benefit limit for Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatment For Coronary Artery.

The non-guaranteed benefits are illustrated based on the illustrated investment rate of return of the participating fund at 4.25% p.a.. At illustrated investment rate of return of 3.00% p.a., the non-guaranteed bonuses would be S$31,143. The actual benefits payable may vary according to the future performance of the participating fund. Figures illustrated are rounded down to the nearest dollar.

All ages specified refer to age next birthday.

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The above is for general information only. It is not a contract of insurance. The precise terms and conditions of these insurance plans are specified in the policy contract.

As buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment, an early termination of the policy usually involves high costs and the surrender value, if any, that is payable to you may be zero or less than the total premiums paid. 

These policies are protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact us or visit the Life Insurance Association (LIA) or SDIC websites (www.lia.org.sg or www.sdic.org.sg).

In case of discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

Information correct as at 11 November 2021. 

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