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GREAT Flexi Protect Series

Life Insurance

GREAT Flexi Protect Series

#Lifeproof your protection with multiplied coverage

As parents, giving your children the best possible future begins with ensuring you’re well-protected. Boost your protection as many times as you need with the GREAT Flexi Protect Series. Choose between two base plans with the flexibility to add optional riders to multiply your coverage.


GREAT Flexi Living Protect covers: Death, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), Accidental TPD, Terminal Illness (TI) and Critical Stage of Critical Illness (CI) with Additional Benefit1.


GREAT Complete Flexi Living Protect covers: Death, TPD, Accidental TPD, TI and Early, Intermediate and Critical Stages of CI with Additional Benefit1.


Optional Multiplier Riders cover: Death, TPD, TI, choice of CI at the Early and Intermediate Stages, and/or Critical Stage with Additional Benefit1.

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Key benefits

Multiplied coverage and increasing protection value over time

Multiplied coverage and increasing protection value over time

Boost your coverage by 200%, 300% or more – there is no limit to the multiplier factor2 with the optional Multiplier Riders, which can provide coverage up to age 100.  Plus, non-guaranteed bonuses that accumulate with each policy year.

Comprehensive protection with greater assurance

Comprehensive protection with greater assurance 

Get additional payouts under Special Benefit, Juvenile Benefit, Senior Benefit or Benign Tumour Benefit1 . Tailor your plan for continued protection after a full claim for the Early or Intermediate Stage of CI3 .

Lifetime coverage with limited premium terms

Lifetime coverage with limited premium terms 

Choice of payment term to suit your budget - 20 years or till you’re 65 years old.

How GREAT Flexi Protect Series works

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