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GREAT Cancer Guard

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GREAT Cancer Guard

#Lifeproof your financial health with 100% payout for all cancer stages

GREAT Cancer Guard provides you with up to S$300,000 coverage for all cancer stages1, at an affordable premium which does not increase2 with age.


Read how you can stay a step ahead of cancer.


One in every 4 to 5 people in Singapore may develop cancer in their lifetime.

GREAT Cancer Guard covers from early stage of cancer, including the top 3 cancers in Singapore3


GREAT Cancer Guard covers

Key benefits


100% payout at all stages of cancer1


Affordable premium that does not increasewith age. 
Guaranteed renewal till age 85.


Simple health declaration,
with no medical examination required.

Get 15% off your first-year premiums when you sign up today! *Terms and conditions apply

5 plans to choose from


Note: The maximum entry age to purchase GREAT Cancer Guard is at 55.  Upon successful purchase of the plan, all renewal of the plan is guaranteed till end of policy term at age 85.

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