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GREAT TotalCare

Health Insurance

GREAT TotalCare

Choose your desired coverage and manage your hospitalisation bill with greater assurance

As a complement to GREAT SupremeHealth, a MediSave-approved Integrated Shield Plan, GREAT TotalCare comes in two plan types, ELITE and CLASSIC to suit your desired coverage on your eligible hospitalisation bill.


Extend your protection with the option to cover overseas medical treatment with 

GREAT TotalCare Plus.


Under the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on 7 March 2018, all Integrated Shield Plan (IP) insurers are to incorporate co-payment features in new IP riders.

Key benefits


Manage your hospitalisation bill with greater assurance  

As a complement to GREAT SupremeHealth,

GREAT TotalCare (ELITE) covers up to 95% of your total hospitalisation bill


Special benefits

Enjoy special benefits including Home Health Care Benefit and Post-Hospital follow-up Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment


Enhanced worldwide coverage with rider 

GREAT TotalCare Plus, an optional rider, covers your medical treatment in both emergency and non-emergency situations overseas

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