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Media Stories 

The Business Times, 21 Mar 2023 : Koh Beng Seng to step down as Great Eastern chairman
Lianhe Zaobao, 21 Mar 2023 : 高铭胜将卸任大东方控股主席
Computer Weekly, 23 Sep 2022 : How Great Eastern is transforming its IT organisation

CNA938, 5 Jun 2022 : Interview with CNA938 on Sustainable Schools Programme

The Business Times, 17 May 2022 : Asia’s insurance sector gets a pandemic push

LianHe ZaoBao, 18 Apr 2022 : 大东方控股集团总裁许福成:疫后从线上转回线下, 保险面对面咨询再吃重

Asia Advisers Network, 6 Oct 2021 : Great Eastern Financial Advisers: Celebrating 10 years of success with CEO Jesslyn Tan

MoneyFM 89.3 Interview, 24 Sep 2021 : Soul of Business: Financial Exhaustion from a lack of financial planning

Asia Advisers Network, 22 Sep 2021 : The secrets to building a long and successful career in insurance

The Edge Singapore, 6 Sep 2021 : 45% of retirees say they regret not planning their finances for retirement earlier: Great Eastern survey

PORTFOLIO, August 2021 : Great Expectations

The Edge Singapore, 22 Jul 2021 : Great Eastern's policy of growth

The Business Times, 28 Jun 2021 : Digitalisation seen as key to Great Eastern's growth

iTNews Asia, 14 Jun 2021 : How Singapore insurer Great Eastern is embracing digitalisation

Computer Weekly, 31 May 2021 : Great Eastern doubles down on data analytics

Asia Advisers Network, 28 May 2021 : Arming advisers with the right tools for the digital age

BT Money Hacks Podcast, 24 May 2021 : The ABCs of disability insurance plans

BT Money Hacks Podcast, 10 May 2021 : Critical illness insurance evolution crucial during Covid-19 pandemic

People Matters, 30 Mar 2021 : Amid digital transformation, both hard and soft skills are needed

MoneyFM 89.3 Interview, 18 Nov 2020 : Colin Chan, Great Eastern & Fathima Zora, Advocate For Inclusivity & Disabilities

MoneyFM 89.3 Interview, 27 Aug 2020 : Colin Chan, Great Eastern - Supporting Singaporeans during COVID-19

CNA Money Talks, 30 May 2023 : Does a financial planner really help you grow your money?
The Straits Times, 29 May 2023 : Get money tips on TikTok? S’pore influencer, blogger, website owner make understanding finance fun
CNA938 The XX Files, 3 Feb 2023 : Interview with Great Eastern Senior Financial Consultant Zoe Yap
TODAY, 8 Jan 2023 : Gen Y Speaks: Financial hardship shaped my family’s idea of a 'stable' job. I had to convince them when I chose a different path

 The Sunday Times, 12 Dec 2021 : The changing face of insurance 

BT Money Hacks Podcast, 20 Sep 2021 : Is it ever too late to start planning for retirement? (Ep 103)

Asia Advisers Network, 8 Sep 2021 : Make the Shift: Former account manager to Agents of Life

Asia Advisers Network, 2 Sep 2021 : Make the Shift: Former actuary to Agents of Life

Asia Advisers Network, 25 Aug 2021 : Make the Shift: Former navy officer to Agents of Life

Asia Advisers Network, 18 Aug 2021 : Make the Shift: Former police officer to Agents of Life

Asia Advisers Network, 11 Aug 2021 : Make the Shift: Former marketing manager to Agents of Life

Asia Advisers Network, 4 Aug 2021 : Make the Shift: Former real estate agent to Agents of Life

The Singapore Women's Weekly, 7 July 2021 : This Four-Time Cancer Survivor Helps Other People With Similar Battles

Asia Advisers Network, 22 Mar 2021 : Make the Shift: Former Financial Auditor to Agents of Life – Cynthia Toh

Asia Advisers Network, 26 Jan 2021 : Make the Shift: Former Air Force Safety Officer to Agents of Life – Dan Loi

Asia Advisers Network, 11 Jan 2021 : Great Eastern: KEE-Ping it in the Family

Asia Advisers Network, 15 Dec 2020 : Make the Shift: Former Finance Professional to Agents of Life – Reena Guo

Asia Advisers Network, 24 Nov 2020 : Make the Shift: Former Naval Officer to Agents of Life – Yeoh Cheng Huann

Asia Insurance Review, Apr 2020 : Agents and AI - fostering an alliance

The Sunday Times, 4 Aug 2019 : Using money to do good, for himself now, and others later

The Straits Times, 3 Jul 2019 : Planning for life in the age of disruption

The Sunday Times, 10 Dec 2017 : Growing with the company

The Sunday Times, 3 Dec 2017 : Serving with heart and passion

The Sunday Times, 26 Nov 2017 : Infinite possibilities