Make a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim

Follow these steps to make a claim.

Step 1: Prepare the required documents

Download these documents
  1. Claimant's Statement 
    Complete this form for us to find out more details.
  2. Clinical Abstract Application
    This form provides us with your consent to attain your medical information from the hospital on your behalf.
  3. Doctor's Statement
    Learn more about completing the document below.
For Great Eastern Life (GEL) policies claim:
For Dependants' Protection Scheme (DPS) claim only, or both GEL and DPS claims:

Step 2: Attach supporting documents

  • Available laboratory or test results
  • Medically boarded out letter (if applicable)
  • Police report and newspaper clipping (if the Total and Permanent Disability or Permanent Incapacity was due to accidental or unnatural causes)
  • Termination letter from your last employer or CPF Statement showing your last employment contribution (if applicable and for DPS policy only)
  • Doctor's Statement fee receipt (for DPS policy only)

How to apply for the Doctor's Statement

Depending on the type of hospital, the process will be different and applicable after you have been diagnosed. Download and print the relevant Doctor's Statement template (as above) and bring it along with you to the hospital/clinic. The Doctor Statement is to be completed by the doctor who certified the disability. You will be required to pay a fee for the application. 

For restructured hospital (public hospital), apply through the hospital's Medical Report Office (MRO). This may take approximately 6-8 weeks.

For private hospital, pass the doctor's statement to your attending doctor to complete during your visit.

Step 3: Submit your documents

a. Your Great Eastern Financial Representative

b. Customer Service Centre

c. By post:

Attention to: Life Claim Department

The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited

1 Pickering Street
Great Eastern Centre #01-01
Singapore 048659

How to check your claim status

View our FAQs for Total and Permanent Disability Claims.

For General Insurance claims, visit our General Insurance claims page.

Frequently asked questions

Please click here to go to 'make a claim' for the procedure on making a Total and Permanent Disability Claim.

Should the insured person become totally and permanently disabled while the policy is in force, the Company will waive the payment of all future basic life premiums and pay the Disability Benefit in 10, five or three annual instalments, or one lump sum, depending on the terms and conditions stated in the policy contract.

*Please refer to the policy contract for the instalment payments and the date of the instalments due as different contracts have different terms and conditions.

A medical report is required before each TPD instalment is made because, under the contract for TPD, if the assured ceases to be totally and permanently disabled, the Company will discontinue all further annual payments. Therefore, there is a need to confirm that the policyholder is still totally and permanently disabled before each instalment is paid out.

On the maturity due date, the Company will pay in one lump sum to the policyholder the balance of the TPD instalments.

The unpaid TPD instalments will be paid in one lump sum to the estate of the deceased.

It is stated in the contract that if the insured person ceases to be TPD, the Company will discontinue further TPD benefits payments and the policy shall continue under such terms and conditions as the company may decide.

You may complete just one set of Claim form. Please use the DPS PI Claim form and submit all the required documents to us as stated on the claim form.