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Careshield and Eldershield

Includes claims when Activities of Daily Living become challenging

Critical illness

Includes claims for major critical, child- and female-related diseases


Includes claims when a loved one passes on


Includes claims for total and permanent disability, disability income and long-term care

Maid and foreign workers

Includes claims for your maid’s medical treatment, hospitalisation, or death

Medical and hospitalisation

Includes claims for pre-and post-hospitalisation treatment and doctor visits, and how to apply for a Pre-Authorisation Certificate (PAC)

Motor accident

Includes claims for vehicle accident or windscreen damage

Personal accident

Includes claims for fractures, burns, dengue, and more due to accident

Personal or public liability

Includes claims for injury or damage incurred to a third party

Property damage

Includes claims for property damage and losses


Includes claims for retrenchment or unemployment

Terminal illness

Includes claims for end-stage diseases certified by a doctor


Includes claims for unforeseen travel inconveniences such as baggage delays, loss of belongings and medical expenses

Work injury

Includes claims for accidents or diseases contracted during work

Digital services

Digital services overview Understand the digital services you can use to view policy details and carry out transactions online
Great Eastern app Includes viewing your policy details and accessing policy services
Great ID Includes sign in for the Great Eastern app and Great Eastern Rewards

Documents and letters

View eDocuments and policy contracts How to access digital documents such as policy contracts, notices, and receipts

Health Connect

Health Connect overview Let us start on your medical journey by recommending the right Panel Specialist.


Repay a policy loan

Par funds updates

Understanding the Par funds Great Eastern Life Participating Funds Update


Apply and maintain a GIRO account How to set up GIRO for recurring premium payments

Automatic Premium Loan (APL)

How to repay an APL. View APL interest rates.
Change DPS payment method and CPF authorisation How to change payment method and authorise CPF deduction for DPS
Change payer for GREAT SupremeHealth How to change payer if you are the immediate family member or the grandchild of the life assured
Change payment frequency How to set premium payment frequency as yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly for your policies
Change payment method How to change premium payment method or change credit card details for your policies
Goods and Services Tax (GST) Rate Change Understand the impact of GST rate increase on policy premiums
Make a first premium payment How to pay first premium with PayNow QR, eGIRO, credit card, cheque, bank draft, etc
Make renewal or regular premium payments How to pay renewal or regular premiums with the Great Eastern app, AXS, internet banking, etc
OCBC and Great Eastern Cashflo cards View the terms and conditions for these Cashflo cards

Personal details

Tax residency self-certification Includes forms for tax residency self-certification
Update contact details How to change personal details such as mobile number, email, and addresses
Update specimen signature How to change the specimen signature for your policies

Policy management

Policy assignment

Includes transferring your policy ownership to an individual, company, or institution

Policy benefits

Includes receiving your payouts such as cash bonus or survival benefit

Policy conversion

Includes downgrading your GREAT SupremeHealth and GREAT TotalCare policies

Policy data

Includes retrieving and sharing your financial data held across government agencies and financial institutions

Policy payout

Includes receiving funds such as claims, maturity payouts, benefits, etc.

Policy nomination

Includes appointing or removing beneficiaries for your insurance payouts

Policy reinstatement

Includes restoring a policy to active status to maintain coverage

Rewards and promotions


Travel Insurance Claims Survey Survey for invited customers, who have just undergone a travel insurance claims experience with Great Eastern
Great Eastern Profiling Survey This survey is only open to invited respondents
Great Supreme Health Claims Survey Survey for invited customers to understand their experience when filing a Great Supreme Health claim.
Great Supreme Health Purchase Experience Survey Survey for invited customers to understand their experience when purchasing their Great Supreme Health policy.
Great Eastern ILP Servicing Survey Survey for invited customers to understand their experience when performing transactions related to their ILP policy.
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Repay a policy loan

Automatic Premium Loan (APL)

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