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Being in good health is key to leading a quality life. However, there may be times when medical care is required due to unforeseen ailments and illnesses.

The process of getting the right medical care can be challenging – emotionally and financially – from which specialist to consult to how much the treatment is likely to cost and how much your insurance covers.

At Great Eastern, we strive to meet your needs. That’s why we introduced Health Connect, a service exclusively for our GREAT SupremeHealth customers.

Health Connect - Exclusively for Supreme Health Customers - Great Eastern

All about Health Connect

Health Connect is a complimentary service exclusive for our GREAT SupremeHealth life assured. This service is available to all GREAT SupremeHealth life assured.

How can Health Connect assist me in my medical journey?

Health Connect can assist you to:

Health Connect can assist you to:

1.   Request for appointment with our panel specialist

You may request for an appointment via:

1.   Online request here

2.    Health Connect hotline at 6563 2233.

3.    Email us your request at

We will confirm your specialist appointment within three business days from your request. An email confirmation will be sent to you once the appointment is fixed.

2.   Pre-approve the eligible medical expenses of your planned admission with our panel specialist

Get a pre-approval* of your eligible medical expenses against your GREAT SupremeHealth and/or GREAT TotalCare (if any) plans coverage.

You can do so through the following ways if you need to go for a planned treatment or surgery:

a)      If you are at the panel specialist clinic, you can ask the panel specialist to assist you in requesting for the pre-approval of your medical expenses.

b)      Download the online fillable form and email it back to us at or call us at 6563 2233 and we will guide you accordingly. Do ensure to allow sufficient time of at least three to ten working days before your surgery date, to submit the form to us for our assessment.

3.   Direct claim settlement of eligible medical expenses

Allow us to settle your pre-approved* eligible medical expenses directly with the hospital or MOH accredited day surgery centre/clinic.

*Assessment of eligible medical expenses is based on the coverage on your GREAT SupremeHealth and GREAT TotalCare policies (if any). For expenses which are ineligible, payment will need to be made upon your discharge.

You may call us at our hotline +65 6563 2233 and our operation hours are as follows:



Monday to Friday

8am to 6pm


8am to 1pm

You may also email us at


GREAT SupremeHealth life assured can use the Health Connect service. However, if the life assured is under the age of 21, the policyholder may assist to use Health Connect on his/her behalf.

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