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What is Health Connect?

Health Connect - Great Eastern Life

We all know that being healthy is the key to leading a quality life. However, there may be times when medical care is needed because of a downturn in your health.

The journey to receiving your medical care can be daunting and stressful – emotionally and financially – from which specialist to consult to how much the treatment is likely to cost and how much does my insurance cover.

At Great Eastern, we understand your concerns. That’s why we introduced Health Connect, a new call-in service exclusively for our Supreme Health customers.

Specialist Appointment
We help you schedule for an appointment with your preferred doctor from a selected panel of specialists across 20 different medical specialties.

>> Search for a Specialist

We assess and pre-authorise* your medical expenses before hospital admission, to give you added assurance on your coverage.

Direct Claim Settlement
Enjoy hassle-free discharge as we settle your claim directly with the hospital.

*Assessment of eligible medical expenses is based on the coverage on your Supreme Health and Total Health policies (if any). For expenses which are ineligible, payment will need to be made upon your discharge.

Watch our Health Connect video to guide you on how we can help with your specialist appointment, pre-authorising your medical expenses before admission and settle your claim directly with the hospital.

Need to know more?
>> Read our FAQs on Health Connect

Alternatively, you may contact your servicing distribution representative for assistance. You may also contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1800-248 2888 or email for advice.

Exclusively for Supreme Health Customers
Click here to find out how Health Connect can support your hospitalisation needs

Call 6563 2233 for Specialist Appointment, Pre-authorisation and Direct Claim Settlement

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