7 tips for a great retirement

From making a plan to discovering yourself, we have all the tips you need to get you started with retirement planning, whatever your stage in life.


Here are 7 tips to prepare for your great retirement!

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Build relationships

Build relationships with friends, family members, work colleagues and your wider social groups. These people will inspire, enliven and support you during your post-work years.


Discover yourself

The potential in you knows no age or limit. Now’s the time to enhance your skills and broaden your interests – it can take you to new heights during retirement!


Plan for rising prices

Rising prices can eat away at the buying power of your savings. When making your plan, just assume the cost of living will go up – and start planning for it.


Boost voluntary savings

Every dollar you place in the Supplemental Retirement Scheme reduces your taxable income, and can be enjoyed after retirement, tax-free and penalty free.


Focus on physical health

Take care of yourself! Even if you have a financial safety net in place, your chance of living a long and healthy life increases when you have regular health checkups.


Live the dream

All the savings in the world will be for nothing if you haven’t got a clue on how to use them. Ask yourself, what makes you happy? Whether it’s volunteering, globetrotting or adopting a dog, budget for it so you can do it.


Make a plan

Now you have a vision for your retirement, take some time to assess your savings and your options for accumulating wealth. A comprehensive retirement insurance plan that provides guaranteed monthly payout and maturity value will enable you and your loved ones to continue making memories together – but only if you start early.

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