Working towards a low-carbon economy

Find out how we aim to manage the risks arising from climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by lowering our carbon footprint and investing more responsibly.

Responsible investing

As a leader in the industry with more than S$100 billion in assets, we are in a unique position to drive large-scale sustainability efforts with our investments. That's why we are relooking the way we invest and allocate our resources, so as to achieve long-term sustainable economic development and better risk management for our portfolios. 


Responsible investing

Making an impact with investments

With GREAT Green SP, Singapore’s first Green life insurance plan, we’ve given our customers the opportunity to support sustainability initiatives and a local NGO – all while growing their money at the same time.

Make an impact with investment

Other initiatives

  • Formally incorporating responsible investment considerations into our investment process and accelerating company-wide efforts to include climate-related reporting metrics in our portfolios

  • Measuring and monitoring our carbon footprint and intensity in order to set long-term reduction targets and mitigate risk arising from climate change

  • Refraining from investing in companies with business practices that are not aligned with our corporate values

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