Our Sustainability Approach
Our Sustainability Approach

Integrity and transparency are cornerstones of good governance to create sustainable value for the organisation and our stakeholders. This applies in the way we manage sustainability and take into account ESG factors in delivering sustainable outcomes.  

Sustainability Governance Structure

The Board Sustainability Committee (SC) provides oversight on our sustainability strategy and implementation. Key sustainability topics and climate-related topics are reviewed regularly.

The Group Management Committee (GMC), chaired by the Group Chief Executive Officer, comprises key members of our senior management.  GMC is responsible for providing leadership, direction and functional oversight on the sustainability performance and instilling the right culture and conduct of the Group. 

We regularly review our governance structure with regard to material ESG factors and climate-related risks to achieve long-term sustainable growth. We embarked on an enterprise-wide exercise to review our ESG Risk Framework and material ESG factors end of 2021. We believe this review has helped guide our sustainability journey in ways that are important to our organisation, stakeholders and communities.

Sustainability Approach

Sustainability Approach
Material ESG factors table

Stakeholder Engagement

Regular stakeholder engagement gives us the opportunity to align our operations to their expectations.  We engage our stakeholders through constant dialogue using various platforms and feedback mechanisms.  Our stakeholders include Customers, Regulators, Investors, Employees, Financial Representatives and Community partners.

Fostering close relationships and creating value for our stakeholders are important to us.  We strive to understand and meet their needs as this is important to creating sustainable long-term value for our stakeholders.