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Employee benefits

Great Eastern is committed to attracting and retaining individuals who are capable of exceptional performance and dedication, rewarding employees accordingly for the value of their accomplishments.
Compensation benefits

The Company runs a performance-based compensation programme – including base pay, annual bonuses and recognition awards that reinforces its mission and values.

This includes:

  • A competitive programme that helps the Company attract, retain and motivate a high-quality workforce;
  • Total reward levels that are competitive with the external job market in which the organisation compete for talent and reflective of the internal value of each position; and
  • Discretionary variable bonuses that are commensurate with contribution level as well as individual and company performance.

However, the Company’s compensation objectives are not limited to rewarding in terms of financial per se. Besides compensating to fulfil the statutory requirements, Great Eastern compensate to create an equitable rewards system that is essential to motivate and retain our employees and also to attract potential job seekers.

Principally, rewards are categorised into two – financial and non-financial. You are directly compensated in terms of financial through your monthly wages, salaries, allowances and bonuses; whereas indirectly you are covered by insurance plans, retirement and educational benefits as well as paid absences and other benefits. In addition, your job, the environment at work and recognition jointly contribute to the components of the non-financial compensation.

In line with the organisation’s focus on promoting meaningful relationships and work-life balance as well as a caring 1 Great Eastern Family in our LIFE company, we introduced even more non-financial value-added benefits that enhance the lives of our employees such as the LIFE Programme, Career Break Leave, and UPSR Accommodation Leave.

The Company’s strong initiatives to reward and enhance the quality of life for our employees through our LIFE Programme has reaped an award for Innovation in Compensation and Benefits Programmes at Benefits Asia 2013.

Great Eastern is dedicated in ensuring all staff get well-acquainted with all their benefits so that they may experience a sense of value in being an employee of the organisation.

If you would like to be part of the Great Eastern family, apply now and send in your resume with details of your work experience, current and expected salaries to:

Alternatively, click here to view our current job openings.

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