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Live Great at Great Eastern

We are committed to empowering our people in achieving the GREAT in their career.
Live Great Work Culture

Rewards and benefits

We reward our talents based on a performance-first compensation programme. Rewards are competitive with the external job market, and our discretionary variable bonuses are based on individual and company performance.

We also provide insurance coverage, outpatient and inpatient medical benefits, retirement gratuities, optical and dental, subsidised gym memberships, special paid leaves, as well as maternity assistance. Additionally, you will be entitled to a career break leave, which can be utilised for personal or professional commitments upon completing your 5th year of service.

Career development

Empowering your career is what we do. Our Career Framework ensures you are equipped with the necessary knowledge, competency, and information to steer your career to greater heights, whether you are in the Management, Professional, or Business Support track.

Work-life integration

Flexibility is our key practice. We are committed to providing an inclusive and progressive workplace that allows you to integrate your work and personal life in a meaningful manner. Our Flexi Working Hours and Flexi Dress Code provide a malleable working environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

Learning and growth

At Great Eastern, learning never stops. We provide numerous training and development opportunities, as well as education reimbursements and study leaves for those pursuing professional qualifications.

Health and wellness

Our award-winning LIFE Programme is designed to keep you happy and healthy throughout your career. With an array of health-based activities such as workout sessions, sports tournaments, health screenings, and health talks, you can earn LIFE points that can be used to reimburse gym membership subscriptions, purchases from our selected merchants, or offset insurance premiums for you and your loved ones.

If you are interested to join our Great Eastern family, submit your CV to or click here to view current job openings.

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