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It’s a one-stop self-service portal for our Great Eastern customers. Here, you can manage all things related to your portfolio.
It’s secure, easy-to-use and you can access it on your phone or laptop anytime, anywhere.

What is e-Connect

e-Connect is a secured web portal that is designed exclusively for our valued policyholders. Access to your policy information or perform simple transaction from the convenience of your home or office.

We sincerely encourage you to login to e-Connect. e-Connect provides you: -

  • Overview of your insurance coverage and policy benefits
  • Access to policy financial information such as premium, payment history, policy value / fund details
  • Claims overview
  • Payer/Nominee/Beneficiary/Trustee information
  • e-Payment Services – Premium payment via Credit Card/ Debit Card
  • Change your policy's payment method
  • Change your policy's payment frequency
  • Update policy address, contact number and email address
  • Perform Fund Switch for investment-linked policy
  • Access to our fund unit price
  • Download your Premium Paid Statement (for Income tax relief), Reversionary Bonus (RB) Annual Statement, Investment Linked Policy (ILP) Annual Statement, e-policy Contract and GST Tax Invoice
  • Download our Customer Service forms
  • Submit secured message to Customer Service via My Mailbox
  • Online purchase for selected products

The e-Connect is accessible through our company portal or e-Connect direct link

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e-Connect Guide

To get more information on e-Connect guide, please click on selected link.


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e-Connect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Click here for more information on e-Connect.

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What is e-Statement?
Insurance policy with annual statement is issued as electronic document effective from 2019 onwards. Policyholders can view and retrieve their statements online through e-Connect portal and will no longer receive the hardcopy of the statement.

What is the type of e-Statements available online in e-Connect?

  1. Premium Paid Statement - statement is now available via e-Connect
  2. Investment-Linked Policy (ILP) Annual Statement - statement will be available via e-Connect
  3. Reversionary Bonus (RB) Annual Statement - statement will be available via e-Connect

Click here to login to e-Connect and retreive your statement.
Click here for e-Statement guide.

How do I know my e-Statements are available in e-Connect?
You will receive an email notification to your registered email address when your statement is updated and available in e-Connect.

Can I change my registered email address?
Yes, you can update your email address online through e-Connect > My Account > View Profile or by completing the Person Changes Form (PSF01A)

How many years of my statement are available in e-Connect?
You can access up to the last 5 years statement in e-Connect under My Document.

What is the format of my e-Statement?
All e-Statements are in PDF format (Portable Document File) readable using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 and above).

How soon I can view my statement after I sign up for e-Connect?
You can login and view the statement immediately (if any) as the statements are already available in e-Connect.

Can I still opt for the paper statement?
No, as these statements are readily available in e-Connect. You can login at any time to download and print these statements according to your convenience.

How do I sign up for e-Connect?
To sign up as e-Connect user, login to e-Connect website at Please click here on e-Connect guide.

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Which type of payment is eligible to pay via e-PAY?
Policyholder can make payment for the below payment type:-

a. Renewal Premium via e-Connect
b. Automatic Premium Loan Repayment via e-Connect
c. Reinstatement via e-Connect
d. Non Lapse Top-Up via e-Connect (Not applicable for OAC policy)
e. Initial Payment via MPOS submission

However, only eligible payment type will be allowed to make payment according to your policy status.

Where to access to e-PAY?
Policyholder can access e-PAY via e-Connect except for Initial Payment. However, policyholder needs to register as an e-Connect user first.

How to register as e-Connect user?
Policyholder can follow e-Connect guide, please refer to:

Can policyholder use debit card to make payment to Great Eastern via e-PAY?
Yes. Policyholder may use debit card issued in Malaysia only under Visa or MasterCard.

For debit card users, policyholder are encouraged to contact the card issuing bank to opt in e-Commerce transactions before start using e-PAY should the Policyholder wish to use the debit card for recurring billings. .

Can policyholder use foreign bank debit card to make payment to Great Eastern via e-PAY?
No. e-PAY only accept debit card issued in Malaysia under Visa or MasterCard.

Can policyholder use foreign bank credit card to make payment to Great Eastern via e-PAY?
Yes. However, this is only for credit card with 3D Secure.

What is 3D Secure Service?
3D Secure service requires an additional security layer and authentication step for online card transactions. This service is to safeguard against the risk of fraudulent transactions by requesting cardholders to provide the One Time Password (OTP) in order to process the online transactions.

This service is provided by Visa and MasterCard under the name of “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode.”

Can policyholder use e-PAY to pay all Great Eastern policies?
Currently, e-PAY is only applicable for Life insurance policy and Bancassurance (BANCA) policies.

Can policyholder use family member’s credit card/ debit card to make payment to Great Eastern via e-PAY?
Yes. However it’s subject to cardholder relationship as below:-

  1. Spouse
  2. Children
  3. Parents
  4. Siblings

When policyholder made payment via e-PAY, what is the purpose to complete the payer’s name, mobile number and email address? Is this going to replace the information in my policy?
This information will only be used to send email and SMS for payment confirmation and the information given will not supersede to the existing contact details in Great Eastern.

How does policyholder know if the payment is successful updated?
Payment confirmation will be sent via SMS and email to the cardholder/payer.
Alternatively, policyholder also can check the payment details via e-Connect as follows:-

  • e-Connect >> View Policy Details >> Premium Information

Can policyholder request a copy of payment confirmation which sent via email or SMS to the cardholder / payer?
Payment confirmation will be triggered only one time via SMS and email to the cardholder/payer.

Alternatively, policyholders may check the payment details via e-Connect as follows:-

  • e-Connect >> View Policy Details >> Premium Information

Are there any receipts issued for payment via e-PAY?
No receipts will be issued for payment made via e-PAY. However, policyholder may refer to the payment confirmation sent via SMS and email.

Alternatively, policyholders able to view payment details in e-Connect as follows:-

  • e-Connect >> View Policy Details >> Premium Information

Can policyholder register the credit card/debit card for recurring billing via e-PAY?
Yes, when policyholder made payment via e-PAY, they can opt to use the same card for future recurring payment. 

What if policyholder registered recurring payment via e-PAY and now he/she wants to change to another card for recurring?
Policyholder can perform change payment method under “My Service Request” in e-Connect to update the new card details as follows:-

  • e-Connect >> My Service Request >> Change Payment Method

What if policyholder did not receive the SMS notification for One Time Password (OTP) while making payment via e-PAY?
Policyholder may contact with card issuing bank as OTP SMS will be triggered by the respective issuing bank to the registered mobile number with the bank.

What if policyholder would like to know the reason(s) of unsuccessful payment transaction?
Policyholder can check with card issuing bank on the unsuccessful reason.

How many attempts can policyholder try if the payment is unsuccessful?
Policyholder will be given 3 attempts to make payments.

When will the payment be updated after e-PAY transaction successfully performed?
Upon successful transaction, payment will be updated immediately.

Can policyholder pay policy loan via e-PAY?
Please refer to Q1, policyholder is not allowed to pay policy loan via e-PAY.

Can policyholder pay on behalf of their family who is not an e-Connect user?
No, e-PAY can be accessed via e-Connect only. Kindly advise the policyholder to register as an e-Connect user in order for them to make payment via e-PAY for their policies.

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What is e-Correspondence?
e-Correspondence enables policyholders to receive selected correspondence such as letter, notice or statement from the Company in electronic version through e-Connect after the implementation date and stop receiving hard (paper) copy correspondence through postal mail.

Individual policyholders with e-Connect access can view or download and save their e-Correspondence by login to e-Connect. For corporate policyholders that are not granted access to e-Connect will continue to receive hard (paper) copy correspondence.

How does policyholder register for e-Correspondence service?
Policyholders will automatically enjoy e-Correspondence service if they are an existing active e-Connect user or from the date of registration and login to e-Connect.

What are the benefits of using e-Correspondence?

  • Faster than postal mail as e-Correspondence is available in e-Connect within 2 days from issuance date.
  • e-Correspondence is stored in policyholder’s e-Connect account so personal data is secured against data theft unlike paper mail.
  • No more missing mail or ‘did not receive’ when policyholder change their place of residence.
  • Ability to view or access e-Correspondence at anytime and anywhere via e-Connect.
  • e-Correspondence is kept in e-Connect for 2 years for ease of reference.
  • Reduce paper waste and save the environment for future generations.

Can policyholders choose to continue receiving hard (paper) copy correspondence?
No for e-Connect user. However, Company will continues to send hard (paper) copy correspondence to policyholders who are not an e-Connect user or correspondence which is currently not available in electronic version.

What type of correspondences are available in electronic version via e-Connect?
Below are the new correspondences that are available in electronic version via e-Connect:

  • Premium Notice and Automatic Premium Loan (APL) Notice
  • Potential Lapse Notice
  • Lapse Notice
  • Cash Bonus Statement
  • Survival Benefit Statement
  • Change Payment Method / Mode Letter
  • Change of Address Letter
  • Credit Card or GIRO Deduction Failure Notice
  • Direct Credit Invitation and Confirmation Letter
  • Investment-Linked Plan Opening Statement
  • Investment Strategy Letter
  • Policy Acknowledgement Slip Reminder Letter

How does policyholder know they have received an e-Correspondence from the Company?
Policyholder will receive email or SMS notification when a new e-correspondence is available in e-Connect.

Important Note: Policyholders must ensure their latest email address and mobile number is updated to receive the e-Correspondence notifications. Please refer to e-Connect Guide on how to update email address or mobile number via e-Connect.

How long is e-Correspondence being made available in e-Connect?
The e-Correspondences is typically stored and available in e-Connect for a period of two (2) years. Policyholders are encouraged to download and save a copy of their e-Correspondence in their personal computers/phones for future reference.

What if policyholder did not save a copy of their e-Correspondence but need it later?
e-Correspondence is kept in ‘My Document’ tab in e-Connect for 2 years so policyholder can still view their previous e-Correspondence through ‘My Document’.

If the correspondence has been removed from e-Connect, policyholder can still request for a copy of their letter by writing to

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Bank Account Registration (Direct Credit)

What are the benefits of using the online Service Request via e-Connect to register/update my bank account?
There are many benefits for using the online Service Request in e-Connect such as:

  • No more hassle of manually completing the form for submission
  • No more rejection of application due to irregular signature, incomplete requirement etc.
  • Policyholder receives real-time acknowledgment of their submission
  • Anytime and anywhere as eConnect is available 24/7
  • Timely disbursement of your policy’s payment into your nominated bank account

How do I know my bank account details have been updated?
To view the bank account details in eConnect, go to:

My Portfolio>>Select View Policy Details>>Bank Account information.

*Note: Not applicable for Group Multiple Benefit Insurance Scheme (GMBIS) policies

If I have more than 1 policy, can I register/update my bank account details for all policies at the same time?
Yes, you can do so by selecting the policies from the displayed listing to register/update your bank account in the same service request

I have registered my bank account details previously. Can I register an additional new bank account number via e-Connect?
No, the new account number will replace the existing bank account number because each customer is only allowed to have one registered bank account number for direct credit facility.

Can I cancel the existing registered bank account through e-Connect without replacing it with a new bank account?
No, you can only replace the existing bank account with another bank account number, To cancel the registered bank account without replacement, please complete the ‘Request of Contractual Changes Form’ (PSF01) and submit it through eConnect >>My Mailbox.

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