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Rising cost of medical care should not stop you from receiving quality medical services. We offer comprehensive medical plan equipped with a medical card that pays your medical bills. Enjoy the convenience of cashless admissions at our list of panel private hospitals by just presenting your eMedical Card to the hospital admission counter*.

*This facility is provided subject to validation checks being conducted to ascertain if the hospital admission is admissible pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Policy Contract, such validation checks may include but is not limited to checks to ascertain the existence of any material nondisclosure, pre-existing condition or whether the condition being treated falls under any policy exclusion. If a Guarantee Letter is not issued following completion of such validation checks, you may still submit your claim for Great Eastern’s consideration on reimbursement basis.

For reimbursement cases, you are required to complete and submit the Claim Form together with the final hospital bills, original receipts and include any other medical report or any test result to Great Eastern. Claims that fall under the reimbursement category are:

  • Admission to non-panel hospital/specialist
  • Pre/post hospitalization
  • Accident outpatient treatment at a clinic or specialist clinic
  • Outpatient kidney dialysis treatment
  • Dental treatment (due to accident only)
  • For hospital admission where the guarantee letter has not been issued.

e-Medical Card Guest Login

Enter your Identification Number and Date of Birth. Upon successful verification, you can view and download the e-Medical Card issued to you. Please save a copy of your e-Medical Card to a secure location for safekeeping and for your future reference.

If you have any questions concerning your medical card/admission to hospital, we are reachable 24 hours and 7 days/week at our HealthCare Services Hotline 1300-1300-18 or email us at

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