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SMI Protector


Small Business Liability Insurance

As a business owner, we understand that your business is your life, especially if you are in the Small and Medium Industry (SMI). Conventional insurance products for SMI businesses are very limited, providing few covers beyond the usual pre-requisite coverage such as Fire and Perils, All Risks and / or Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI). That's why we created SMI Protector, the insurance policy designed specifically for SMI businesses

Key benefits

Contingent inconvenience allowance
Should your contents or property in your business premises be destroyed or damaged due to risks covered under your existing Fire, All Risks and / or EEI policy(s), SMI Protector will pay you an additional percentage of the claim amount payable under the above-mentioned policy(s).

Theft, armed robbery or hold-up
If your insured contents are lost or damaged due to forcible and violent theft, armed robbery or hold-up, SMI Protector will pay you for those losses provided that they are also insured under your existing Fire, All Risks and /or EEI policy(s).

SMI Protector provides coverage against loss of money in the following situations:

  • While in transit during business hours between:
  • your business premises and banks;
  • your business premises and your customers'; premises
  • your customers' premises and your business premises or banks;
  • After business hours, provided that the money is kept in a locked safe or locked drawer/ cabinet while within your business premises.

Personal accident coverage
Should you or any of your employees be injured or killed as a result of armed robbery or hold-up within your business premises or outside your business premises while running an errand related to your business (like delivering money to the bank), SMI Protector will pay benefits for up to three persons per incident for death and / or permanent disablement, and medical expenses. The amount payable is up to the maximum sum insured stated.

Fidelity guarantee
Theft can also be committed by your employees. For times like these, you'll be glad that SMI Protector covers you against fraud or dishonesty committed by an employee or group of employees.

Plate glass
SMI Protector will reimburse you the cost of replacing any breakage or damage to fixed glass in doors, windows and display cases due to accidents or misfortune as well as costs incurred for boarding up the area while waiting for the glass to be replaced.

Employer's liability
SMI Protector is designed to protect employers should they be sued for negligence for causing their employees to sustain bodily injury by accident or disease while in the course of their employment.

The compensation paid covers:

  • All legal costs and expenses incurred in defending a claim.
  • All legal costs and expenses for one or more employees in any one accident/occurrence up to the maximum limit of liability stated.

Public Liability
With SMI Protector, you will be compensated should you become legally liable for the injury or death of individuals or the loss or damage of another person's property or goods arising from an accident due to the negligence of your directors, partners, employees or yourself in the course of conducting your business.

Additional benefits

Theft, armed robbery, hold-up of contents while temporarily removed from your premises

Damage to locks, keys, drawers, cabinets, safes, doors and others

Accountant's or duditor's fees

Removal of debris

Replacement of documents


  • All SMI businesses in Malaysia with existing Fire, All Risks and / or Electronic Equipment Insurance policy(s) from any insurer are eligible for SMI Protector. 
  • SMI businesses’ encompass companies that have less than 150 employees, assets of less than RM15 million and turnover of less than RM25 million per annum.  
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