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Lu Yuk Fung

Female 35 English, Malay, Mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese Sabah
Diploma in Accounting MDRT, National Adviser Award, Supremacy Award, Akard Reading, Sports

With 35 years of expertise, I leverage deep industry knowledge to help clients navigate insurance complexities. I prioritize understanding individual needs, tailoring coverage solutions accordingly.

By fostering transparent communication, I ensure clients grasp policy details and claim processes, empowering informed decisions. Rapid response to inquiries and claims, coupled with proactive risk assessment, enhances client peace of mind. I employ innovative problem-solving techniques to address challenges swiftly, advocating for clients in negotiations with insurers. Through ongoing education and adaptability to evolving industry trends, I continuously refine strategies to deliver optimal protection.

My commitment is to safeguarding clients' interests and resolving their insurance concerns with utmost professionalism.

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