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Chia Ai Huang

Chia Ai Huang

Female 23 Engish, Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien Muar, Johor, Kuala Lumpur
Diploma in Business Administration(ABE,UK) MDRT, IDA, GSPC, Supremacy,Great Iconic Leader, MDLA Reading, Exercise And Travelling

In my 23 years career as an insurance advisor, I've been dedicated to securing individuals' financial futures.Armed with a Business Administration diploma , my journey began with a passion for making a tangible difference. Over the years, I've earned recognition for outstanding performance and a relentless commitment to client satisfaction. Specialises in customer service, I excel in crafting tailored solutions that precisely address my client's needs. My client-centric approach revolves around transparent communication and understanding. I invest time in comprehending each client's circumstances, financial goals, and risk tolerance. This strategy not only builds trust but also distinguishes me in a competitive industry. Ive remained commited to upholding values of integrity, emphaty and excellence. My story as an insurance advisor is an ongoing narrative of trust, understanding and resilience, evolving with each client interaction and policy crafted.

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