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Lee Soon Fatt
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Lee Soon Fatt

Male 22 English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese Seremban, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka
Live Great Advisor, Affiliate RFP, AMTC Nationwide Champion RGAM, Supremacy, Akard Leader

I have over 21 years of experience in the insurance industry. Drawing from my extensive experience, I specialises in crafting straightforward solutions that align seamlessly with your unique needs, especially within the will and trust landscape. My mission is to provide you with a shield of reliable coverage for peace of mind.

Our aim is about providing you with a convenient one-stiop service, Specialising in medical planning, income replacement, share holder agreement planning, my goal is to offer you a comprehensive range of coverage , all under one roof. Picture a dedicated customer support team, ready to assist you at every turn. Your inquiries, guidance or support needs- they've got it covered for a seamless experience. From policy inquiries to claim processing, the focus is on efficiency. The aim is to make every transaction hassle free and straightward for you. It's not just about selling policies; its about being proactive. Anticipating your needs, the team is geared to provide solutions alighned with your goals.

My mission is to secure your dreams, hopes and the people you hold dear. I focus on family and business protection to safeguard not just assets but the dreams woven into the fabric of your life. I'm more than just an advisor, and it's not just about transactions, it's about the emotional support you need during life's twists and turns. Every claims made, it's a way of me saying "I understand and I'm here for you."

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