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Yong Kong Cheng
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Yong Kong Cheng

Male 16 Chinese English,Malay Johor Bahru, Ayer Hitam, Batu Pahat, Kota Tinggi, Yong Peng
CFP MDRT, Supremacy Award, Akard Award,SES Cooking, Gardening, Hiking

i believe life insurance is the best way to help individuals and families protect their financial future. Why do i say so? When I was age 16, my father passed away, that was the hardest time for my mum. However, with the life insurance claim from my father's policy,my mum was freed from financial pressure and I was able to complete my studies.

I then decided to benefit more people by becoming a life insurance agent. After 10 years in sales and marketing in other field, I joined GELM in 2008. I completed my Certified Financial Planning in 2016 to provide professional advisory services to my clients.

Throughout this journey, I have met many people who share the same values of hope and love, which can help overcome challenges and hardships in life. And life insurance is the way to provide love and support their family members or loved ones.

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