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Harvey Choo Jun Hui
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Harvey Choo Jun Hui

Male 7 Mandarin, English, Malay Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Putrajaya
Bachelor Of Polymer Engineer First Class Honour MDRT, IDA 3x, Supremacy Award 4x, Akard Award Sports, Travel

As an experienced and dedicated life planning advisor, I have had the privilege of helping individuals from all walks of life to achieve their goals. I believe that true success is more than just accumulating wealth. It's an honour to serve the people around me to live fulfilling lives that align with their values.

With my deep understanding of the financial landscape, I provide the necessary plans that customise to your needs. I also take a comprehensive approach to life planning, considering everything from retirement savings to estate planning to ensure that you are prepared for what the future may bring.

My expertise and commitment have earned me several awards in this industry, especially being recognized as Great Eastern TOP 10 Life Planning Advisor of Class 2021. Whether you're just starting out on your career or looking to start a family, I'm the person you can count on to ensure your financial plans are solid.

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