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Health tips (17 to 24)

Beat bad breath

Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day will remove the plaque and bacteria that causes bad breath. And be sure to visit your dentist twice a year for professional cleaning!

Boost your day with music

If it' s hard to roll out of bed in the morning, try playing some of your favourite rousing music to start the day. Sing, dance and enjoy the music as you prepare for work. Listening to music you enjoy can trigger happy hormones to bring about more enthusiasm for the day.

Break the cycle, fast

Feeling overloaded both physically and mentally? Try fasting. Set aside a weekend to retreat from life and fast for one day. A water-only fast, juice-fast (opt for freshly made diluted juices), or full fast can correct the natural rhythm of bodily functions, return the body's metabolic rate to its natural state and cleanse the system of unwanted toxins and waste.

Build healthy eating habits

Get your child to start eating healthy from a young age and he or she will be more likely to continue having a preference for healthy food as an adult. You should be a role model and start eating healthier too!

Bond with them - even in the kitchen

Get your child to join in the fun when you are baking or cooking simple meals! Contributing in small ways such as cutting cookie dough will be a fun-filled activity for your child and help you bond with them.

Brain food

Keep your memory sharp as you age with Omega-3 fatty acids! These healthy fats found in fish such as salmon not only help keep your arteries clear but have also been shown to slow cognitive decline.

Build family bonds

Teenagers go through periods of moodiness, often caused by things like physical changes and peer pressures. As parents, you can help your children pass through this phase together by being there and nurturing a closer relationship with them during this stage of their life.

Check for symptoms of cancers early

Early detection of cancer almost always increases your chances to defeating it. With cancer being the main cause of death in Singapore, knowing and recognising the symptoms by going for regular check-ups is extremely important.

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