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Health tips (57 to 64)

Health tips 57
Get immunised

Get advice and check for requirements from a doctor as soon as you're about to travel. Some vaccinations may require several shots to be effective.

Get some sun

Feeling bummed out? It might be because you've been spending too much time in your cubicle. Researchers have shown that people with lower levels of Vitamin D (also known as the sunshine vitamin) are more likely to suffer from clinical depression.

Get your cervix screened!

If you are aged 25 years old and above, have ever had sex, or are sexually active, you should go for a Pap smear once every three years. Pap smears help detect abnormal cell changes in the cervix and allow for more effective treatment against cervical cancer.

Give your kids a headstart - read to them!

Story time is not just bonding time, but helps give your kids and edge. Reading to your child from a young age to build their vocabulary, knowledge, verbal skills and even reasoning skills! Reading is known to engage and develop neural connections and pathways in a young brain.

Get jabbed!

Injections may suck, but the flu is far worse. The best way to prevent the flu is to get a twice-yearly flu shot. The flu vaccine can prevent 70% to 90% of all the different influenza variants out there! A flu vaccine is especially important for children aged 6 months to 18 years old (as well as their household members!), the elderly, pregnant women an anyone with chronic condition.

Get wet

Swimming regularly is an excellent exercise for all ages. This low-impact activity can help to tone your entire body while providing you a good cardiovascular workout. 30-minutes every day is enough to see results.

Get your java before your jog

A little caffeine before your workout can increase your performance! Research shows that a little coffee before your exercise routine can increase your ability to increase the intensity and raise your calorie expenditure. To keep calories in check, opt for unsweetened black coffee!

Go for regular health screening

Health screening will help you to find out if you have a particular disease or condition even if you do not display any of the symptoms. Early detection, followed by treatment and good control, can result in better outcomes!

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