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Stress management

Week 7: Helping children cope with stress

How your children prefer to deal with difficult situations determines how they will negotiate their way through the world -- and there's no one else who can understand them better than you, the super parents. Feeling pressured? Don't worry, no matter if your child is a merry maker, a dominant leader, or a serious perfectionist, you'll find surprisingly simple ideas to calm them down and lighten them up in this week's guide.

Step 1: Find out how your child responds to stress

How your children prefer to deal with important situations in their lives determines the stress management methods that will best suit them. Take this quiz now to find out how they respond to stress!
  • Question 1
    Your child’s homework is due tomorrow. It is already mid-afternoon. Your child:
    A) Skips around the house, yells “It’s a wonderful day!” and watches TV.
    B) Allocates two pages of Maths to his/her little brother with the promise of a free chocolate bar afterwards.
    C) Meticulously draws up an hourly chart, allocating adequate time for each set of homework.
    Pick One
  • Question 2
    Your friends are always applauding your child’s:
    A) Humour and enthusiasm.
    B) Leadership qualities.
    C) Meticulousness.
    Pick One
  • Question 3
    When you pick up your child from school, you are impressed because your child:
    A) Charms the teacher and makes a lot of new friends quickly.
    B) Has been elected the class leader due to his/her leadership skills.
    C) Completes all of his/her mathematics exercises, while his/her classmates are still on the first exercise.
    Pick One
  • Question 4
    Your child is with his/her friends, who are deciding where to go for dinner. Your child:
    A) Suggests a wacky place with interesting food and board games.
    B) Convinces the rest of the group to try his/her favourite place to eat. His/her persuasive word is final.
    C) Elaborates on the advantages and disadvantages of eating at different venues. He/she proposes a venue after much consideration.
    Pick One
  • Question 5
    Your child wants a cookie and you say no. How does your child respond?
    A) I’m a hungry Cookie Monster and I’m feeling BLUE!!
    B) I want a cookie and I want it NOW!!
    C) Please may I have a cookie? I’ll help you wash the dishes later, I promise.
    Pick One
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Step 2: Download your week 7 recommendations

What you'll find inside:

  • Simple method to gather insights about your child's stressors
  • Techniques to keep young anxieties at bay
  • Ways to spot the signs of youth anxiety 
  • A pressure point programme to monitor your child's stressors.
Download Now, it's Free!
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