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Behaviour management: Training your child through challenges

Training Your Child Through Challenges - Great Eastern Life Malaysia

As parents, witnessing your child’s growth and achievements brings immense joy. You encourage them to dream big and embrace the belief that they can achieve anything. Yet, it's equally essential to prepare them for the inevitable hurdles they'll encounter. Growing up means facing setbacks, navigating challenges, and dealing with disappointments. Therefore, it’s important to teach your children how to face the difficulties head-on in an effective manner. Let’s take a look at these tips on how to help your child be better adjusted to challenges they will encounter in life:

1. Teach resilience and problem-solving skills

Guiding your child in managing their emotions is a building block for resilience. Children often experience a whirlwind of emotions without understanding that it is natural to feel even the most challenging ones. Sometimes they may not even know how to articulate their feelings about these tough emotions. As a parent, you can be a role model by showing your child how you feel about different situations and how to deal with those feelings. Don’t forget to also use positive reinforcement and praise your child when they try to express their feelings in an appropriate way. Whenever they face setbacks, train them to redirect their thoughts to reflect on their past triumphs over adversity. This may help them recognise that each challenge they conquer helps build their inner resilience, thus empowering them to approach future obstacles with newfound confidence rather than dwelling on temporary setbacks.

With proper childhood behaviour management, you will also be able to train your children to be more self-reliant while helping them to hone their life skills, such as decision-making, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. One way to do that is to showcase how their personal achievements contribute to the collective growth of their classroom community. Activities like sports can nurture a positive mindset and also hone their life skills simultaneously,  preparing both their body and mind for the journey ahead.

2. Balance optimism with realism

Help your children understand that setbacks and challenges are a natural part of the journey, and that success requires perseverance and hard work. Always encourage your child to adopt a positive and realistic mindset. If you notice that their thoughts are leaning towards extremes, such as being excessively negative or excessively positive, guide them in adjusting their perspective through optimistic and realistic self-talk. For instance, teach them to acknowledge potential challenges or changes ahead, such as a new school project, while instilling confidence by saying, "This project might require some extra effort and time, but I believe in your abilities to handle it successfully!". While some parents may brush this off as coddling their kids, there is plenty of scientific evidence that positive self-talk is great for your kids and will help them build resilience. In fact, positive self-talk fires up your neural pathways and makes changes to those areas of the brain that make you happy and positive. Various studies have also confirmed that affirmations help decrease health-deteriorating stress which is crucial to raising a healthy, happy child.

3. Expose them to diverse perspectives

Ignite that spark of curiosity in your child's heart by nudging them to explore diverse cultures and viewpoints. This simple act lays the foundation for empathy and a beautifully balanced perspective about the world and others around them. Picture a moment when your children face a disappointment in a sports event. Now, imagine sitting down together, sharing thoughts and ideas about how to improve the situation the next time around. This is a use of behaviour management to help teach your child how to craft a smart and proactive plan, using their own insights to light the way forward.

While parents may not be able to navigate every challenge and struggle that their children face, you can equip them with the necessary tools to manage their expectations in a challenging world by following these strategies. Preparing your child to be able to independently face the challenges life throws at them is a legacy that will carry them through the years ahead. You can also set them up for a secure future with proper generational wealth planning. Providing financial assistance and guidance can play a crucial role in providing your child with the means to cope with various areas of struggle beyond financial issues as they will be able to take comfort in the fact that you always have their back — and with GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth, you can continue to provide for them and generations to come. Check out the GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth plan to start building a legacy that will protect your loved ones across generations today!

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