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Know why: healthy living

Start A New, Healthy Way Of Life – Great Eastern Life

Do you remember how on holiday or vacation you wake up in the morning full of energy for the day ahead? How spending hours on your feet exploring is fun and doesn't seem like hard work? How running around in the sand and swimming in the sea or pool is relaxing and doesn't seem like a boring exercise regime? If you could bring your active holiday mind set back home, you could make life healthier and far more fun, here are the reasons why. 

Run your way to a good night's sleep 
Sleep is crucial for rest and rejuvenation – and studies have shown that people who don't get enough sleep are more likely to gain weight. Exercise can play a vital role in aiding a good night's sleep, which in turn is good for your health. 

The best time to exercise is between 5-9pm as it raises your body temperature above normal a few hours before you sleep. By the time you're ready for bed, your temperature will start falling. This decrease in body temperature acts a trigger that helps ease you into sleep – giving you a great night's rest. 

Plan healthy meals
When you're rushed and tired, it seems easier to let someone else do the cooking. But starting the day with a breakfast of mee rebus or deep-fried hash browns could make you feel sluggish all morning. Eating healthily needs a little thought, but doesn't need to be a chore. For example, the Healthy Recipes – By SparkRecipes app has thousands of recipes, gives the nutritional value of each meal, and allows you to search by categories like ‘Low Carb'. 

Drink up! 
You can't survive without water – it's vital to keep the system running smoothly and healthily. Experts differ on the amount needed, but on average they suggest your total water intake (in all forms) should be at least eight glasses a day . Not drinking enough water leads to tiredness, headaches and constipation. You'll especially need to ensure you keep hydrated if you're exercising. Studies have also suggested that increasing your water intake may help you burn up calories a bit faster. 3 So drink up! 

Make exercise part of your routine
Once you start with a healthy eating and exercise plan, you'll find you have more energy to fit in all those other things you've wanted to do. Put in place a weekly exercise regime and once it's become routine, you'll find you don't want to miss it. There are apps to help you, such as the Vitogo Fitness app. This ‘personal trainer in your pocket' app has customised workout programs that guide users through weight loss, muscle-building and endurance exercises with tips and videos. 

Want some top tips on how to live healthily in 2014? Here are 5 simple tips you need to know – that won't break the bank! 


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