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Ovulation Calendar

The Ovulation Calendar helps women in family planning by predicting the exact time of ovulation. This information is vital in both attempting to become pregnant for a couple ready to raise a child, or also to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
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How does this tool help me?

Ovulation occurs only on one day in the menstrual cycle of a woman followed by menstruation after 2 weeks. However, it's not always easy to predict as ovulation time from the start of the menstrual cycle can vary. This calendar is most accurate for women whose menstrual cycles are regular. All you need to do is enter the first day of your last menstrual period and the length of that cycle. Once this information is entered the ovulation calculator will show your approximate day of ovulation and the days when you are likely to get pregnant.

Luteal phase is the second half of your fertility cycle after you ovulate. Basal body temperature is the temperature of your body at rest hence this needs to be taken first thing in the morning, preferably immediately before getting out of bed.

Note: The results you receive from this tool are not intended to be a substitute for individual medical advice in diagnosing a health/lifestyle problem. They are provided to give you an estimate of results based on professionally accepted formulae and algorithms.

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