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GREAT VantageCare 2 (Banner): Late & Advanced Stage Critical Illness Cover - Great Eastern Life Malaysia

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GREAT VantageCare 2 | Comprehensive Critical Illness Insurance for Advanced Stage | Whole Life Insurance

The protection advantage in critical care

A critical illness diagnosis is one of the most distressing news that anyone can receive due to the immense toll it takes on a person’s physical, mental and financial wellbeing, especially in the advanced stages.


GREAT VantageCare 2 can help alleviate some of your worries during such critical moments by giving you greater certainty in securing the treatment you need and the peace of mind to focus on your recovery. It is an ideal protection plan that looks after you in the event of an Advanced Stage critical illness. It also helps ensure that you are not a financial burden to your loved ones should Total and Permanent Disability occur.

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Key benefits


Critical Illness coverage

Should critical illness occur1, you will receive2,3 the Basic Sum Assured, Additional Sum Assured5, Cash Bonus6,5, and Terminal Bonus5.


Death or TPD benefit

If death or TPD occur4, your loved ones will receive2,3 the Basic Sum Assured, Additional Sum Assured, Cash Bonus6,5, and Terminal Bonus5,2.


Unique BuyBack option

Buyback the death benefit portion up to the maximum of your Basic Sum Assured once your policy is  terminated due to critical illness claims2 .


Extra protection with Additional Sum Assured

This plan gives you more assurance with Additional Sum Assured payable in the event of death or occurrence of any of the critical illnesses7,2.


Maturity Benefit

Upon maturity of your policy, you will receive a lump sum payment of the Basic Sum Assured; Cash Bonus6,5; and Terminal Bonus5, less any payment made earlier for Angioplasty and other invasive treatments for coronary artery disease.


Enhanced protection with optional riders

Enhance the protection you have. Tailor it to your needs with supplementary riders that provide additional protection such as coverage for accidents, or hospitalisation2.

Footnotes and disclaimers

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, contact your Great Eastern Life Planning Advisor or have us call you back.

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