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Personal Accident Insurance

Junior Protector | Personal Accident Insurance for Children & Kids | Student Personal Accident Insurance

Because your children is what matter most.

Because your family — especially your children — is precious, you want coverage for them should something unforeseen occur. Junior Protector is a personal accident policy that offers compensation should something happen to your children from 1–18 years (up to 23 years if attending a tertiary institution) of age.

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Key benefits

Medical expenses

In addition to paying for medical expenses such as room charges and clinical, medical and surgical treatments up to the amount insured, we will also cover charges for traditional treatments, such as traditional chinese medicine, up to RM50 per visit and RM500 per accident, provided western medical treatment is first sought. We will even reimburse your hospital, medical and clinical expenses, as well as room and board charges resulting from Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Scarlet Fever and Coxsackie.

Academic achievement award

If your policy has been in force for a continuous period of 12 months and your child achieves outstanding results during the first sitting in major examinations, a cash reward of up to RM200 will be given.

Reimbursement of examination

If they are forfeited, examination fees of up to RM3,000 per child will be reimbursed should they be unable to sit academic examinations as a result of hospitalisation due to an accident.

Other benefits

Accidental death or permanent diablement

Upon accidental death or permanent disablement, a lump sum payment will be made in accordance with the percentage specified in the Schedule of Benefits.

Government hospital allowance

If the child is confined in a government hospital for more than 24 hours for medical treatment due to accident, a daily cash allowance will be given for a maximum of 60 days

Nursing care

Following discharge from the hospital, we will reimburse you up to RM100 per day for a maximum period of 60 days for nursing services at home.

Guardian allowance

For each child hospitalised within 24 hours from the date of the accident where full-time attention and companion of a parent or guardian is required, we will pay an allowance of RM50 per day up to a maximum of 60 days.

Purchase of prostheses

If the condition of your child requires the purchase of a wheelchair, crutches or artificial arm or leg to assist in mobility, you will be reimbursed up to RM5,000.

Bereavement allowance

In the event of accidental death, an additional lump sum of RM3,000 for funeral expenses will be given.

Textbook allowance

If the child's textbooks or any other type of books are lost or damaged due to an accident, we will pay to replace them - up to RM500.

No claim renewal bonus

The capital sum insured will be increased 5% at each renewal up to a maximum of 25 per cent of the original capital sum insured, provided that no claim is made under the policy.

Ambulance fees

We will reimburse up to RM200 per accident for expenses incurred in the provision of ambulance and attendants services.

Note: Terms and conditions apply.


  • Your child is eligible from his/her 1st birthday.
  • Legitimate children including step-children and legally adopted children aged 1 year old to 18 years old (or 23 years old if attending tertiary education) who are unmarried, unemployed and wholly dependent on you for support.
  • Children aged 1 – 12 years old are only eligible to enrol for Plan A.

Get this plan

Should you require any further product information, you may call us at 1300-1300 88 (press “2” for General Insurance). Alternately, you may email us at gicare-my@greateasterngeneral.com.

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