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MOS Shield (Banner): Mosquito Bite Insurance (Dengue, Malaria, and Zika) - Great Eastern General Malaysia

Personal Accident Insurance

MOS Shield | Personal Accident Insurance against Mosquito Borne Diseases

Protection against death due to mosquito-borne diseases.

Each year, mosquito-borne viral diseases cause millions of deaths. In the long battle against mosquitoes, MOS Shield safeguards you by providing the protection coverage you need.


MOS Shield is an optional add-on classified as a yearly renewable benefit designed to cover dengue fever, malaria or zika virus. The cover is attachable to personal accident plans issued by Great Eastern.

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Schedule of benefit

Add-on Benefit

Death due to mosquito bite

Plan 1

RM 50,000

Plan 2

RM 100,000

Plan 3

RM 150,000

Plan 4

RM 200,000

Note: Terms and conditions apply.


  • The benefit under the Mos Shield is limited to dengue fever, malaria, or zika virus.
  • Refer to the policy schedule or endorsement, as the case may be, of the personal accident plan your Mos Shield is attached to for the full terms and conditions of the benefit.
  • Only one purchase of the Mos Shield is allowed per life:
    • The duration of cover is one (1) year, provided your Mos Shield is attached to the personal accident plan at the point of application or renewal (whichever applicable) of the personal accident plan.
    • To avoid doubt, if the Mos Shield is attached during the coverage period of the personal accident plan (i.e. not at the point of application or renewal of the personal accident plan), the duration of cover for your Mos Shield will follow the remaining coverage period of the personal accident plan your Mos Shield is attached to.
    • You will need to renew your insurance cover annually, together with your personal accident plan.

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Should you require any further product information, you may call us at 1300-1300 88 (press “2” for General Insurance). Alternately, you may email us at gicare-my@greateasterngeneral.com.

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