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GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2 (Banner): Endowment Plan - Great Eastern Life Malaysia

Wealth Accumulation

GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2 | Look After Generations of Your Family with One Plan

Protect your financial legacy with the flexibility to customise your stream of income for generations to come

Every journey in life has a beginning and an ending. But by growing your wealth and protecting it for your loved ones, you can ensure that your legacy lives on for generations and continues to provide for your children and grandchildren to come.


GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2 is a limited pay whole life plan with investment booster and survival benefit option. It is designed to sustain and safeguard the wealth that you have built over the years – giving you and your family a future to look forward to. When the time is right, you can pass on your legacy through change of policy ownership and life coverage to your loved ones to support and protect their future.


The plan gives you the flexibility to choose your premium payment term from 5, 10 or 20 years for a coverage of up to 70 years, 80 years or 90 years old next birthday.  Furthermore, the newly enhanced feature allows you to have the flexibility to choose to receive a regular stream of yearly income in the form of investment booster or survival benefit, or both. On top of the yearly income throughout the policy term, you can also celebrate at the end of your policy term with a lump sum maturity benefit!


Should the unfortunate occur, GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2 has you covered as well. You will be financially protected against death with no medical underwriting required.


Reach for GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2 today and grow a legacy that protects your loved ones for generations.

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Key benefits


Long-term savings that are sustainable across generations

While GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2 may begin with you, it does not need to end with you. The plan’s unique feature gives you the option of appointing Alternate Policyowner (APO)1 and Secondary Life Assured (SLA)2 as well as Change of Life Assured (CLA)3.

With GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2, plan ahead and sustain your savings across generations, providing your loved ones with a lasting legacy for the future, with up to RM1 million annual premium 4.


Limited premium commitment of 5, 10 or 20 years

When it comes to financial commitments, flexibility is important. GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2 lets you choose a premium payment term of 5 years, 10 years or 20 years, with coverage that lasts up to 70 years, 80 years or 90 years old next birthday4,5.


Steady stream of yearly income with flexible choice to suit your financial needs

Watch your savings grow and add to your legacy every year. At the end of each policy year, a yearly income which is equivalent to a percentage of your Basic Annualised Premium6 will be available to grow your savings. 


Enjoy the flexibility to decide on how to receive your regular stream of yearly income which is best suited to your financial needs, by way of investment booster or survival benefit, or both. 

Additional benefits

Maturity benefit in one lump sum 

To celebrate reaching the maturity date of your policy, you or your future generations may receive a lump sum payment upon maturity, less any amount of indebtedness4.

Hassle-free enrolment with no medical underwriting

When you sign up for GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2, full coverage is provided with no health questions asked and no medical examinations required4.

Financial protection for the unfortunate


Upon uncertainties happening in life, you can be certain that you will be financially protected with GREAT Multi-Gen Wealth 2. In the event of death, your loved ones will receive the benefit payout in one lump sum4.

Footnotes and disclaimers

Please do take note of the below to ensure you fully understand what this product does and does not cover. If in doubt, contact your Great Eastern Life Agent or have us call you back.

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