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To make your insurance claim, please select from the dropdown menu below. Simply follow the step by step guide to submit your claim.

For claims submission related to COVID-19 Vaccine Fund, please refer to COVID-19 Claim Submission Requirement Checklist as a guide.

For claims submission related to COVID-19 Private Hospitalisation Assistance Programme (PHAP) Fund, please refer to COVID-19 Private Hospitalisation Assistance Programme (PHAP) Claim Submission Requirement Checklist as a guide.


With reference to the Conditional Movement Control Order (“CMCO”) in effect until 14 April 2021, or any further extension to be determined and declared by the Government of Malaysia, we are offering an alternative to Policyholders to submit medical claim documents during this period as follows:

Medical claims submission

For individual medical claims with a total amount incurred not exceeding RM500 per submission, Policyholders may submit the documents via email at Please indicate email subject as below:

i)              New claim: <New Claim> <Policy Number>

ii)             Reply to claim requirement: <Reply> <Policy Number> <Claim Number>

We seek your cooperation to ensure that the claim documents are scanned in the following sequence:

1.     Hospitalisation and Surgical – Claimant's Statement

2.     Hospitalisation and Surgical – Attending Physician's Statement

3.     Diagnostic test reports (including laboratory, X-ray, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, histopathology report and etc)

4.     Bill and Receipts (date sort by oldest in front)

5.     Other documents

6.     Certified True Copy of Claimant’s NRIC/Passport indicating Biodata (if not submitted before)

7.     Certified True Copy of Life Assured’s NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate  (if not submitted before)

8.     Direct Credit Facility Form (if not submitted before)

Important Note:

·         Please ensure all attachments are clear prior to uploading.

·         Emails received after 12.00pm shall be construed as received on the next working day.

· is meant for claim submission. For enquiries on medical claim, please email to

·         The above alternative is only applicable for medical claims with total amount incurred below RM500 per submission. For claims exceeding RM500 will have to be submitted to HQ/Branches with physical documents as per usual practice

·         Please retain the original physical documents as the Company may request for the originals for audit purpose. Failure to provide the original document upon request may result in the Company recovering the claims paid.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Healthcare Services Hotline at 1300-1300-18 or email at for assistance.

Life Claims Submission

You are advised to use Requirement Checklist for Life Claims Submission as a guide on the documents required for the claim filed.

You may submit the claims with complete documents via the following channels:

a)     Through your servicing agent.

b)     Drop Box at Level 1 or Customer Service Centre at Mezzanine Floor, at the head office or the nearest branch office.

c)      Sending the claims documents to the address below: 

         Menara Great Eastern
         Level 1, Claims Department
         No. 303 Jalan Ampang
         50450 Kuala Lumpur

Please be informed that all supporting claims documents must be duly certified by authorised parties, i.e. Claims Officer or Customer Service Officer or Public Notary or Advocate & Solicitor or Justice of Peace or Ketua Balai Polis or District Officer or Medical Officer or Group Sales Manager or Unit Sales Manager. In addition, for claims incurred outside Malaysia (except Singapore), the confirmation of claim event and all other related documents issued by the Foreign Authority must be certified by Malaysian Embassy or Public Notary in the relevant foreign country.

Important Note:

·         Death certificate is a mandatory requirement for death claim submission. In the absence of death certificate, we will not be able to proceed with the claim. Burial permit is not acceptable. You may refer to the Requirement Checklist for Life Claims Submission as a guide on the documents required for the claim filed.

Make a Life Insurance claim

What type of claim do you want to make?

Make a General Insurance claim

Please click here for motor and non-motor claim form, list of panel workshop, panel of hospitals and specialists etc.

Step 1: Get the following documents

For claims processing purpose, we would require you to submit the following documents for the type of claim you are making.
Document Requirements for TPD Claim:

  1. TPD Benefits Claim Form - Claimant's Statement
  2. TPD Claim – Doctor’s Statement
  3. Original copy of Letter of Authorisation/Consent (3 copies)
  4. Employment Termination Letter duly certified
  5. Employment Letter duly certified
  6. Life Assured's NRIC duly certified
  7. Claimant's NRIC duly certified (if different from Life Assured)
  8. EPF Withdrawal letter duly certified
  9. SOCSO Offer Letter, SOCSO "Keputusan Jemaah Doktor Mengenai Keilatan" and SOCSO Medical report duly certified.
  10. All relevant diagnostic test results or reports duly certified.
  11. Driving License duly certified, if due to road traffic accident.
  12. Police Report duly certified (accidental cause).
  13. Newspaper Cutting (accidental cause), if applicable.
  14. Direct Credit Form

Step 2: Submit documents

Once you have downloaded and completed the relevant claim forms, please submit the claim to us together with the required documents for assessment.
Please submit all claims documents personally at our Customer Service Centre located at the mezzanine floor at the head office or the nearest branch.

Head office:
Menara Great Eastern
303 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

We will write to you to inform you of the status of the claim.

We know you are keen to get a reply quickly, and you can be sure that we are doing our utmost to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

To read frequently asked questions about claims, click here.

Check Claim Status for Life Insurance

Upon filing a claim, you may check on the status of your submission by emailing us at:

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