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10 easy ways to lose weight

Lose Weight– Live Great – Great Eastern Life
Lose weight with our ten top weight loss tips.

If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight – but you don't know how or where to start, click here for five great ways to moving. 

  1. Do it now
    A plate of calorie-laden Hokkien mee at the kopitiam may be sinfully delicious, but you can still enjoy it when you exercise portion control. Weight loss is not about what you "should" or "want" to do. Losing weight effectively happens because you make the decision to change, so act now!

  2. Design an action plan
    If your goal is to climb the stairs to your floor without getting breathless, start with a six-week plan to walk up those stairs twice every day. If you need to pause to catch your breath, that's fine – just keep going and you'll reach your goal. Plus, you might meet some new neighbours along the way.

  3. Set realistic goals
    When it comes to losing weight, remaining focused is your best bet. Most people aim too high and give up when they don't see immediate success. Set realistic objectives today and break them down into long- and short-term goals.

  4. Put a personal trainer in your pocket
    Tracking your weight and fitness regime has been proven to make your weight management more effective. You can use apps like Weightbot or Calorie Counter to track your food intake and physical activity.

  5. Follow your idol
    Get your idol's help to tone up and slim down, be it Chen Romeo or Maya Karin. Fix their picture on the fridge door so the sight of that toned physique will help discourage you from late-night snacking, which will sabotage your healthy diet.

  6. Start walking
    No one wants to arrive at work sweaty. But on the way home you can alight a few bus stops earlier and walk the rest of the way – there's a cold shower waiting for you at home. Every little bit of exercise helps.
  7. Take up a new sport
    Make 2014 the year you challenge yourself with a new activity, like zumba or muay Thai (shopping and eating don't count!). Doing an exercise you enjoy – especially if it's a team sport or activity – helps to keep you motivated. Getting a work out buddy will ensure that you keep at it!
  8. Cut out the extras
    If you need to lose a couple of pounds, start by cutting out the little extras. For example, swap your daily kopi-C (120 calories) to unsweetened kopi-O (40 calories).
  9. Make the changes fun
    Treat your special someone to a healthy home-cooked meal. You might not be able to bake them, but you'll definitely get brownie points. Experiment with different spices like ginger and five-spice powder. They add flavour to dishes, but without the calories.

  10. Reward yourself
    If you have been sticking to your weight-loss promise – reward yourself. It could be buying new gym clothing or going to see the latest blockbuster with your movie kaki. The important thing is you've earned it!
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