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Make your fitness routine fun

Make Your Fitness Routine Fun - Live Great - Great Eastern Life

1 Steady does it
If you've not exercised for a while, or you face some health issues, have a word with your doctor on how to proceed. If you're otherwise healthy, but not very fit, you'll want to start at a gentle pace. The simplest exercise of all is walking. All you need is a pair of comfortable sports shoes and off you go. The best way to benefit from walking is to move at a pace brisk enough to make you slightly out of breath.

2 Exercise choice
Now that you've decided to make your new exercise regime a reality, you'll probably already have a particular sport in mind. Maybe it's something you enjoyed at school or something new you've always wanted to try. Do you want to do something you can fit into your own schedule, such as rollerblading or swimming? Or do you want to learn a new skill or a team sport? All these opportunities are waiting to be explored! Just take your pick!

3 Changing lanes
Don't worry if you find that one sport doesn't really suit you – there'll be another that's ideal. Experiment until you find what makes you feel good. And you can mix it up – different sports will hone different skills. Plus, if you choose cardio-intensive activities, you could also build up enviable muscles.

4 Right on target
It's easier to keep motivated if you set yourself goals. When you join a team sport, you'll enjoy encouragement from your teammates. If you've chosen an individual sport you may want to set yourself increasingly challenging targets as you gain strength, fitness and skill. Aim to swim further in your allotted time, or learn some slalom and crossover moves on those rollerblades. The simplest new trick learned or the smallest improvement in your running time all add to your feeling of personal achievement and wellbeing. To kick it up a notch, download a sports community app, such as MapMyRide, or get some FitBit-style bands to help track your progress.

5 Stay the course
There will be times when you simply don't have time or don't feel well enough to exercise. Rest up and recuperate – and promise yourself to make an extra effort when you next exercise; it will stop you finding excuses to miss a session.

6 Music and movement
How did we ever manage to exercise without music? Joggers in the park seem to be running to their own beat. And you can even get pouches to keep your iPod waterproof while you swim. It's like having your own private concert while you get fit – and the faster the music, the faster you'll move!

7 A family affair
Sport is an excellent way of bonding with your children. Going swimming or taking a trip out on bikes is something you can do as a family – and it sets an excellent example to your kids. Head to East Coast Park in Singapore, where the whole family can rent bicycles, jog or play on the beach. In Kuala Lumpur try the more than 80 rides and attractions in Sunway Lagoon, or take the family for a nature walk in the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, and see Malaysia's amazingly diverse flora and fauna.

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