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Balancing work and parenting: Practical tips for young working parents

Balancing work and parenting - Great Eastern Life Malaysia

Juggling the demands of a career with the responsibilities of raising a child can be overwhelming, and it's common for parents to feel like they're constantly playing catch-up. To make matters worse, many young parents also struggle with guilt and feelings of inadequacy when they can't devote as much time and attention to their children as they would like. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help you balance work and parenting so you can be productive and engaged in both areas of your life. With some planning, organising, and support, you can find a way to make it work and enjoy both your career and your family life. Here are some more tips to help you achieve a better balance between work and parenting:

Know when to switch off work

It can be tempting to check emails, answer phone calls, or finish up work tasks during your personal time, but this can lead to burnout and can negatively impact your relationships with your family. Set clear boundaries between work and home life by establishing a designated time to switch off work and focus solely on your family. This could mean putting your work phone or laptop away and simply setting aside time each day for family activities. By prioritising family time, you can recharge and be fully present for your children when you're with them, which can help strengthen your bond and improve your overall well-being.

Discuss about flexible arrangement with your employer 

If your place of employment solely operates in an office space, you can bring the idea of working from home on some designated days to their attention. This can help you save time and money on commuting and allow you to spend more time with your child. You can also discuss the possibility of arranging flexible working hours to help you balance your work and parenting responsibilities. It's important to approach your employer with a clear plan and a positive attitude, highlighting how your proposed changes can benefit both you and the company. Keep in mind that your employer may have certain policies or constraints, so be prepared to negotiate and compromise if needed.

Reorganise your workspace at home 

The proper way of establishing work-life balance, especially if you work from home, is segregation between work and family time but that’s easier said than done. The best way to avoid this scenario is to have your workspace set up in a room. This works best if it's a room where your kids would not leave their toys or other items behind; this room should solely be yours to work in. Research suggests that people who have their designated workspace at home, tend to switch between work mode and leisure mode more easily.

Plan a vacation

Planning a vacation can give you something to look forward to and can help you disconnect from work and focus on your family. It doesn't have to be an expensive or elaborate vacation; even a simple weekend getaway or a day trip to a nearby attraction will be enough to recharge and strengthen your family bonds. Make sure to plan the vacation in advance and communicate your plans to your employer and colleagues so that you can take time off without any stress or guilt.

If you're a young parent struggling to balance work and parenting, know that you're not alone. There are many strategies you can use to find a better balance and enjoy both aspects of your life. Consider implementing the tips above, such as setting clear boundaries between work life and home, discussing a plan with your employer, reorganising your workspace and planning a getaway. And if you're looking for support and resources to help you navigate this challenging time, check out Great Eastern Life Malaysia's website for more information. We offer a range of services and products that can protect you and your family's financial future 

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