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Know why: work-life balance

Know Why: Importance Of A Work-Life Balance51 – Live Great – Great Eastern Life

When deadlines loom, the pressure of work piles on and the working week gets longer. As well as work commitments, we want to be the best parent, most attentive partner and dutiful child we can be. Sometimes this can mean that it's difficult to juggle the demands of our career with our family commitments.

More time for your loved ones
Most people would agree that family is the most important thing their lives. When times are difficult, they are always there – and we for them. Making sure we spend time with our family pays dividends in all sorts of ways. Investing time with your children helps build close and mutually respectful relationships, and research has shown that children with close parental relationships can see their IQ boosted by up to 20% .

However, spending more time with those we love doesn't mean that our productivity at work should or will drop. Work is what enables us to provide for our families and ensure that they have the best possible opportunities in life. Ensuring a good balance between work and life is therefore extremely important. Achieving the optimal work-life balance means planning things more carefully and prioritising those important events.

More time for yourself
Switching off from work for a few hours when we are at home will make us more productive and happier in the long run. In an increasingly interconnected world, getting away from our laptop or smartphone to take time to focus on your own enjoyment or development is extremely beneficial. By taking a break from the chores of our working lives we will also gain time to gather our thoughts, recoup and refresh our minds.

This doesn't mean disconnecting from the world. Taking up an activity, hobby or sport can help boost your energy levels, broaden your social interactions and is a great way of networking.

All it needs is a plan
The key to a good work-life balance is time management. Everyone has the same number of hours in the day, but some are more efficient at managing that time than others. We should take the time in planning our diary or online schedule so that we can maintain a good work-life balance for the benefit of all.

Achieving a good balance between your working and personal life is key to your happiness and wellbeing, and the enjoyment and pleasure of those around you. Learn how to manage your time more effectively with our key tips and tricks to achieving a perfect work-life balance.

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