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Top free apps for managing weight

 Top Free Apps for Managing Your Weight  | Live Great | Great Eastern Life

When you’re looking for a weight loss app, the key things you will want to take into consideration includes the app price, ability to store and track data, calorie calculation tools, pedometers, or features to help you break bad habits and keep you motivated.

Time-starved? Here’s your ready list of 5 handy, free apps in the market that will keep your weight in check and help you stick to your goals!

  1. MyFitnessPal (iOS) / Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal (Android)

    Apart from your height, weight and gender, MyFitnessPal also takes into account your lifestyle by breaking down your daily meals and exercise inputs, and use that data to suggest appropriate weight loss goals. It has an impressive calorie counter with an extensive food database of over 3,000,000 foods. Best of all, it syncs with the web so that you may access your profile anywhere. Of course, you have to be honest about what you ate, the number of hours exercised and the level of intensity of your activity.

    Pros: Free and user-friendly interface.
    Cons: The app's exercise tracking capabilities are not as developed as the food tracker's.
    Best for: 
    People who like to learn more about nutrition and lose weight at their own pace.

  2. Noom Weight Loss Coach (iOS) / Noom: Health & Weight (Android)

    Noom's Weight Loss Coach goes beyond food and exercise logging — the app’s star feature, the Weight Loss Coach, analyses your interests, lifestyle and health goals to recommend personalised food and exercise "tasks" that will help you reach your goal. The app also comes with real-time GPS tracking and pedometer that will record your activities. This is best for people who are looking for an app that has a good balance of food and fitness functions.

    Pros: An interactive and comprehensive weight loss app.
    The food database does not provide local options.
    Best for: 
    People who are looking for all-in-one app that tracks both food and fitness activities well.

  3. My Diet Coach – Weight Loss (iOS) / My Diet Coach – Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker (Android)

    This app is perfect for women who have trouble breaking bad eating habits and sticking to their weight loss goals. Instead of focusing on calculating nutrition and calories burnt, the app allows you to pick from a list of common obstacles, such as "food cravings" and "emotional eating," and provides tips and reminders accordingly. By setting up food craving timers and motivational photos, My Diet Coach will make you think again before reaching for that pack of chocolate during tea time!

    Pros: A fun, interactive app that focuses on helping people stay motivated.
    Catered more for women.
    Best for: 
    Women who need to break bad eating habits and be reminded of their weight loss goals.

  4. Diet Point ∙ Weight Loss (iOS & Android)

Do you want to start a weight loss diet plan, but aren't sure which one is effective? DietPoint claims to have the largest collection of weight loss diet plans on Google Play, as well as the largest mobile weight loss forum. The app has unconventional categories for its diet plans, such as "detox plans," "for busy people" "by your blood type," so that there is something for everyone.

Pros: Provides a wide range diet plans for choosing.
Cons: Users need to upgrade to the PRO version to enjoy all 130 diet plans.
Best for: People who would like to choose from a list of diet plans and get community advice.

Weight issues are connected to coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, respiratory issues and many other conditions. Part of our weight issues stem from problematic lifestyles, such as over-indulgence on fast food and stressful working environments, but changing this lifestyle is not rocket-science. If you are caught in a vicious cycle of bad living habits, know that you are already a step closer to living healthier and better just by reading this article. It only takes a few more taps to kickstart your healthy life!

Home monitoring is not a substitute for regular visits to your doctor, though. See your GP if you have any doubts or concerns.

Monitoring your health is always a wise decision but it always helps to have an extra layer of protection. Choose from our range of compatible health insurance plans for you.

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