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Assignment of Policy

What is an Absolute Assignment?
It is the transfer of ownership of a life assurance policy to a separate entity [assignee]. The assignee becomes the new policy owner and the assignor has no further rights thereunder. However, premiums continue to be payable by the Payer.

What is Conditional Assignment?
It is the transfer of ownership of a life assurance policy to a separate entity [assignee] upon the death of the life assured. However, all the rights will be reverted back to the assignor if the assignee dies before the payment of the policy money becomes due or if the life assured survives till the maturity date of an endowment policy. The consent of the Conditional Assignee is required for further dealings under this policy.

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Credit Card Sevices

What is Easi-Pay Service?
The Easi-Pay Service is a facility for standing instruction of payment of premiums via Visa/Mastercard.

How do I apply for the Credit Card Service?
You will have to complete the Easi-Pay Service Application form and submit it to us at least 2 weeks before the premium due date.

Can I repay my Automatic Premium Loan via credit card?
Yes, you may settle any outstanding Automatic Premium Loan by selecting the first option on the Easi-Pay Service Form.

Is there any additional charges for this service?
No, there are no additional charges for premiums paid via this facility.

Is there any receipts issued for payments made via this service?
There is no receipt issued. You are advised to check your monthly credit card statement. However, if a payment is not successfully deducted, a letter will be sent to the policy owner.

Can I use my uncle's credit card to pay for my premiums?
No. This facility is only applicable if you are the card holder or if the card holder is your spouse, child, parents or siblings.

How do I cancel the service?
You will need to inform us in writing in order for us to cancel this service.

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Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

What is this survey all about? 
The survey is about assessment of customer experience on your insurance / takaful service provider. 

What is the purpose of this survey? 
The purpose of this survey is to assist your insurance / takaful service provider to improve their service level. Your input will help our company to understand specific areas to be improved, so that you will enjoy more efficient and effective service in the near future.  

How will this survey be conducted? 
This survey will be conducted through a 15 minutes phone interview from 2 July 2018 to 7 September 2018. 

Who will be conducting this Survey? 
The three industry associations namely Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM), Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) and Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) have jointly appointed The Nielsen Company to conduct this survey.   Nielsen is a reputable international market research firm who specialized in consumer research.

Since my personal data has been given to a third party, are my personal data being protected? 
We wish to assure you that insurance companies / takaful operators are governed under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 of Malaysia.  The use of personal data is specified in our Company’s Privacy Notice which can be viewed from our website. In addition, insurance companies/takaful operators are bound of the Code of Practice on Personal Data Protection for the Insurance and Takaful Industry in Malaysia which has been registered by the Personal Data Protection Commissioner, Malaysia under Section 23 (3) of The Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

I read about the survey on your website, but I never received a call. 
The respondents are selected based on their recent experience with insurance/takaful service provider. You may receive this survey call within the period, from 2 July 2018 to 7 September 2018.

*The dates of the survey are tentative and may be subject to change.

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Extension of Medical Rider Coverage up to Age 99 Years

What is this extension about?
It is part of our continuous effort to enhance customer’s medical coverage by extending the coverage of selected Investment-Linked medical rider from age 80 to age 99 years (next birthday). The campaign period is from 01 August 2018 to 31 May 2020 (both dates inclusive).

Would it be a new medical rider(s) in my policy?
Yes, the extension of Medical Rider(s) Coverage is by way of inclusion of the rider(s) listed as below, if applicable:

  • SmartMedic 99 (SM-99)
  • SmartMedic Xtra (SMX-99)
  • Smart Extender Max (SEM-99)
  • Smart Extender(SE-99)
  • SmartMedic Enhancer (SME-99)
Am I eligible for this option?
You are eligible to apply for this option if you fulfilled the conditions below:

1)     Your investment-linked policy has any of the medical rider(s) mentioned below:

  • SmartMedic (SM)
  • SmartMedic Xtra (SMX)
  • Smart Extender Max (SEM)
  • Smart Extender (SE)
  • Smart Medic Enhance (SME)

2)     Your policy is not under ‘Potential Lapse Date’ status
3)     There is no indebtedness in the policy
4)     The Life Assured is age 69 years or less (next birthday) during the validity period

How do I know my policy fulfilled the conditions? 
Customer’s policy information is accessible 24 x 7 through our customer online portal (e-Connect).

1)     If you are an existing e-Connect user, please login to e-Connect at
2)     If you wish to register as e-Connect user, please follow the steps below:

Note: Upon successful registration, your Login ID will be displayed on the screen and your secure password will be mailed to you within 2 working days. 

Alternatively, If you wish to receive your temporary password via SMS, please complete e-Connect & 2FA Services Form and send the scanned copy of this form to You will receive the temporary password through SMS within 2 working days.

How do I apply for this option?  
1)     Download and complete the Authorisation Form For Extension Of Medical Coverage Period (CSD-CS99V). Please ensure your signature is the same as per your Proposal Form or subsequent alteration (if applicable).

2)     Submit the completed form within 30 days before or 30 days after your policy’s Basic Plan ^anniversary date (^check your policy’s Commencement Date) to the following:

  • Your servicing agent
  • Nearest office
  • Mail to:

          Policy Processing Department
          Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Berhad
          Menara Great Eastern
          303 Jalan Ampang
          50450 Kuala Lumpur

How long does it take to process my application?
Your application will be processed within 2 months from your submission date or policy’s Basic Plan anniversary date, whichever is later.

How will I know whether my application has been successfully processed?
If you have provided your email address in the form, you will receive an email notification when your application is processed and the electronic copy of your Endorsement for this extension of medical rider is ready and available in the customer portal, e-Connect.

Please register as an e-Connect user at to view or download the Endorsement.

Do I need to increase my insurance premium for this extension?
No, you are not required to increase your current insurance premium.

Will this application affects my policy’s Total Investment Value?
The insurance charges for this extension of medical coverage rider will be deducted from your policy’s Total Investment Value starting from the policy anniversary date when you reach age 80 years next birthday.

In view of the increased insurance charges in the later years, it is advisable to perform single premium top-up or increase regular premium to enhance the sustainability of the policy’s Total Investment Value.  This is to ensure the Total Investment Value is sufficient to cover all future insurance charges until the end of the covered period.

Can I cancel my medical rider extension?
Yes, you may cancel the medical rider by completing the Request For Contractual Changes (PSF01) form.

Can I submit the request after the campaign period?
After the campaign period, you can still request for an extension of the medical coverage by completing the Application For Inclusion / Conversion / Alteration of Assurance (PSF02) form. However, this request will be subjected to the normal considerations and underwriting.  

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What are the benefits of e-payment?

  • Convenience
    Able to make/receive payment at unconventional locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Eliminates the need to travel and deposit the cheque at the bank as payments are credited directly into your bank account.
  • Cost Saving
    e-payment transaction cost less in comparison to cheque where there are costs incurred such as postage, cheque writing fees and trips to Great Eastern Life, bank or post office.
  • Speed
    e-payments will reduce the amount of time that you spend on cheque writing and mailing. Funds are available within 2-3 working days from payment approval date (subject to the recipient bank's processing time).
  • Security
    e-payment is secured by means of encryption. It is a safe payment channel as you will avoid having to carry cash.
  • Any charges imposed for e-payment service?
    No, you can enjoy this service for free.

Will my personal data be safe and remain confidential?
Your banking information will be used solely for the purpose of e-payment service.

All your personal information is governed by Financial Services Act 2013 (FSA 2013) and Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA).

Direct Credit

How do I apply to receive funds via e-payment?
You have to complete and submit to Great Eastern the Direct Credit Facility Form. (Click here to download/print the form).

What type of banking account is eligible for e-payment?
Saving or Current accounts with MEPS Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) service where you are the primary account holder.

This e-payment service is not available for overseas bank accounts and any joint account where you are not the primary account holder.

For the latest participating banks for e-payment, please visit

When will my bank account be credited?
Upon approval of your policy transaction, payment will be credited to your account between 2-3 working days subject to successful bank transfer.

Will I be notified when the fund is credited successfully into my account?
Yes, you will receive email notification upon successful crediting of funds into your bank account, provided you have given your email address to Great Eastern Life for e-payment notification.

What happens if my e-payment transaction is not successful?
If your e-payment transaction is not successful, Great Eastern Life reserves the right to make payment via another e-payment attempt or via cheque. Reasons for unsuccessful credit to your bank account can be due to invalid bank account number, closed or inactive bank account, different identification number, or if you are not the primary bank account holder. Therefore, kindly ensure that your banking information submitted to Great Eastern Life is correct and up-to-date.

Do I need to apply for e-payment every time I made a transaction with Great Eastern Life?
No. You are only required to apply once for this facility. Your banking information will be used for all fund transfer transactions for the same policy(ies) in the future; and shall continue to be used until you inform to revoke your instructions for this e-payment facility or you have provided Great Eastern Life with new banking information.

Direct Debit

What are the e-payment channels available for payment make to Great Eastern Life?

Payment Channel

What & How does it work

Credit Card / Debit Card - Visa & Master

  • Standing instruction to use Credit Card for premium payment.
  • Complete Great Eastern EasiPay Service form.
  • There will be two attempts made for premium deduction.

Direct Debit from Bank Account GIRO (limited to participating banks)

  • Standing Instruction to debit (deduct) from your bank account for premium payment
  • Applicable only to MBB, PBB, BSN, CIMB bank account holders
  • Complete Great Eastern Life Direct Debit/Auto Debit Authorization (except for CIMB - please use CIMB's own form)
  • Premium will be deducted on 28th of the month for 1st attempt and on the 9th of the following month for 2ndattempt

Internet Banking (limited to participating banks)

  • Interbank funds transfer (IBG)
  • Applicable only to MBB, OCBC, PBB, RHB, BSN and CIMB account holders
  • Register to obtain user ID and password from your respective bank
  • Proceed with internet banking

Does Great Eastern Life issue any receipt for the payment through all the above direct debit channels?
No receipts will be issued for payment made via direct debit. The account holder must refer to their own bank / credit card statement for confirmation of successful debiting or payment to the Company.

Should you require further enquiries or clarification, contact our Customer Service Care at 1300-1300 88 or email

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Freelook Period

Within 15 days after receiving the policy contract, you may cancel and return the policy to the Company for refund of premium subject to the policy’s Free Look cancellation terms and conditions.

Please note that the 15 days period is based on the date Company received the policy contract or the postal date if by registered post. For example, policy owner has acknowledged receipt of the policy on 15th January, but thereafter decides to cancel the policy. The request to cancel the policy must reach the company latest by 30th January.

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Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Can I pay my premium due on 01/05/2018 in June to enjoy the 0% GST since I have 30 days grace period?
Yes, you can pay your premium in June but it is still subject to GST apportionment*. The revision of GST is subject to the transitional rules under Section 66 of the GST Act 2014 (“GST Act”).

Premium Due Date


Payment Date


Before    1 June  On/after   1 June 

Up to 31st May 2018




 GST still applicable and payable.



 Subject to GST apportionment

1st June 2018 onwards




 If payment is inclusive of GST -> No refund.



 If payment is inclusive of GST ->To refund GST as excess payment under Suspense.

I have an Investment-Linked policy and the premium is due on 15/06/2018. Do I pay the premium without the 6% GST?
Unlike Traditional policy, Investment-Linked policy’s premium does not include GST thus the same amount is payable. The GST 6% is only applicable to the monthly policy fee and insurance charges for non-life coverage (i.e. medical & health, personal accident, critical illness without death benefit etc).

Effective 1 June 2018, we have implemented GST 0% so the monthly policy fee and insurance charges due from 1 June 2018 onwards is based on 0% GST.

(Note: The scope of non-life policies is subject to change by Royal Malaysia Customs)

My premium due date is in June 2018 but I have paid my premium in May 2018, will I receive the reimbursement of the GST charges?
No. If you have paid your premium inclusive of GST 6% before 1 June 2018, we will not refund the GST even though your premium due date is in June 2018. This is in accordance with GST transitional rules under Section 66 of the GST Act 2014 (“GST Act”).

I have paid my yearly premium due on 01/01/2018. With the revision of GST to 0%, will I get any pro-rated GST refund?
No. For premium due before 1 June 2018, there is no pro-rated GST refund. This is in accordance with GST transitional rules under Section 66 of the GST Act 2014 (“GST Act”).

For further details please refer to item 17.11 of FAQ dated 22 May 2018 released by Customs website at

Why I received Premium Notice for premium due on/after 01/06/2018 is still inclusive of 6% GST?
Premium Notice is issued 30 days before the premium due date where we have yet to amend the GST rate to 0%. Therefore, if you have yet to remit your payment, please pay the premium amount without the GST 6% for premium due date on/after 1 June 2018.

Why do I still receive Tax Invoice when GST is 0%?
You will continue to receive Tax Invoice even though GST is 0% because GST is still applicable but just at 0% rate.

My policy was incepted prior to 01/06/2018 but subsequently, I have cancelled policy.  Do I get my premium refund inclusive of GST paid earlier?
Yes, GST will be refunded for cancellation of policy.

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Increase of Total and Permanent Disability (“TPD”) limit up to RM10 million per life

Will all the policyholders’ with inforce policies with TPD benefit regardless of Commencement Date enjoy this increase of TPD limit?
Yes, the increase of TPD limit is applicable for all inforce policies (excluding Group policies) and for TPD claim event date from 06 October 2017 onwards.

Will there be any increase in my premium/insurance charges due to this increase in the TPD Limit?
There is no change to the current premium/insurance charge.

Will the enhanced RM10 million TPD benefit limit apply to existing policyholders including those who are currently receiving TPD benefit instalment?
No.This enhanced TPD benefit limit is only applicable to all existing policyholders retrospectively who have not qualified for TPD claim.

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Non-forfeiture Option

What are the options available if I wish to discontinue with the premium payments but at the same time do not lose the insurance cover?
If you opt to discontinue with the future premiums, you may consider the following few options:

  • to let the policy run on Automatic Premium Loan (APL) if the policy has acquired Cash Surrender Value until the Cash Surrender Value is exhausted.
  • to convert the policy to a Reduced Paid-up policy according to the amount of surrender value available. Future premiums are fully paid up and you continue to enjoy the insurance cover under the original period of insurance but with reduced sum assured.
  • to convert the policy to an Extended Term Assurance according to the amount of surrender value available. The period of coverage depends on the amount of surrender value available. All riders attached will be terminated. The policy has now become a term policy with original sum assured less any outstanding loans. All future premium payments cease upon conversion. The availbility of this option is subject to the type of policy purchased.

What is Cash Value?
Cash value simply means a sum of cash refund payable upon surrendering a life policy.

What is APL?
APL stands for "Automatic Premium Loan". APL is typically applicable by default after your policy acquired a surrender value. It is specified in the policy contract that any amount of unpaid premium will automatically be paid through a premium loan at the end of the grace period. You would have to pay back the loan with interest. The current Automatic Premium Loan Interest Rate is 7% per annum and this interest rate is subject to change by the Company from time to time.

Can I borrow money against my life insurance policy?
If you own a whole life or an endowment insurance policy, you can take out a policy loan against the cash value that had built up in the policy. Generally, the policy will acquire cash value after being in force for three full policy years. Compound interest is chargeable on the policy loan at a rate at which the Company shall determine from time to time. Any Policy Loan outstanding will be deducted before any claims is payable. The current Policy Loan Interest Rate is 7% per annum and this interest rate is subject to change by the Company from time to time.

As for an Great Universal Life policy, you can take out a policy loan against the policy account value net of surrender charge (if any). The Policy Loan Interest Rate is the prevailing crediting rate plus 2%. This interest rate is subject to change by the Company from time to time. 

When can I apply for a policy loan?
A loan is available when the policy has acquired a cash value. A policy loan based on a percentage of the gross cash value subject to deduction of outstanding loan or APL, if any can be granted. Policy loans are not available for investment-linked, HealthCare and term policies. 

You can apply for loan simply by:

  • Asking the assistance of your Life Planning Advisor
  • Mail your request to our Head Office address or your nearest branch
  • Fax us at our Customer Service Fax: +603 4259 8198
  • Email your request to
  • Call in to our Customer Service Careline at 1300-1300 88
  • Apply for a loan personally at our Customer Service Centre on Mezzanine Floor at the head office or the nearest branch. Our Customer Service Officers will be there to help you

Upon receipt of your request, we will inform you of the loan available and the requirements. The requirements are:

  • Loan agreement to be signed by the Policy Owner or Assignee where applicable
  • Consent letter from the Trustee(s)/ Nominee/ Parent of the Nominee/ Conditional Assignee where applicable
What are the interest rates?


Current Rate (% per annum)

Policy Loan interest


Policy Loan interest (Great Universal Life, Premier Heritage, Premier Legacy, Premier Legacy 2, Premier Legacy 3)

Prevailing crediting rate plus 2%

Automatic Premium Loan interest


Late Premium Interest (Great Universal Life)


Overdue Premium Interest (Great Flexi Wealth, MaxYield, MaxEmpower)


Overdue Premium Interest (Max Multiplier)


Note: The rates above are subject to change by the Company from time to time.

Overdue/Late Premium Interest
Overdue/Late Premium Interest as specified above is applicable and payable by the policyowner when payment of premium is made after the 30 days Grace Period.

Crediting Rate
Crediting Rate will determine the credited return which will be credited every month into the policyowner's account. The actual crediting rate is not guaranteed and will fluctuate based on the investment performance. A higher credited return may be credited if the investments have performed well and conversely, a lower or negative credited return may be credited if the investments have performed poorly. A negative crediting rate will result in a reduction of Account Value.

Crediting Spread
Crediting spread for the products below is deducted on a monthly basis from the investment return prior to the crediting of the credited return into policyowner's account.

Great Universal Life

1.3% per annum

Great Flexi Wealth

0.9% per annum

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Making a nomination
The purpose of having life insurance is to ensure that your loved ones are financially protected should anything happen to you. It is then important that your loved ones can access the funds quickly by ensuring all your policies are nominated.

In case of non-Muslim policy owner, a trust will be created in favour of the nominee under the following circumstances:

·         If the nominee is the spouse or child of the policy owner, or

·         If the nominee is the policy owner’s parent (provided that there is no living spouse or child at the time of such nomination).

However, in the case of a Muslim policy owner, a trust will be not created in the above circumstances. The nominee of a Muslim policy owner takes the policy moneys only as an executor and must distribute the moneys in accordance with Islamic laws.

What happens when there is no nomination?
Where no nomination has been made, the insurance company shall pay the policy moneys to the applicant who produces the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, which may take several years.

*Grant of Probate- a formal document issued by the court authorising the executor named by a deceased person in his will to administer his estate in accordance to the deceased’s will.

*Letters of Administration-a formal document issued by the court to a person to administer the estate of a deceased who did not make a will.

How do I make a nomination?
If you are 16 years old and above, you can nominate an individual(s) to receive the policy moneys in the event of your demise. Nomination can usually be done at the time of application of the life policy or at any other time, when necessary. The nomination form must be signed by a witness who is 18 years old and above, of sound mental health and who is also not your nominee.

You can nominate or make changes on your current nominee by filling up Appointment/ Changes of Nominees Form. The latest nomination will supersede all previous nominations.

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Portfolio Withdrawal Condition

What is Portfolio Withdrawal Condition?
Portfolio Withdrawal Condition is a clause that gives the right to an insurance company to stop offering the medical portfolio by giving advance written notification to policyholders, if it no longer underwrites this type of product. Any withdrawal of the medical portfolio will need to go through a due process of obtaining Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) approval to ensure that the policyholders' interest is protected. If Portfolio Withdrawal Condition is exercised, policyholders will be notified by company at least 30 days in advance as stipulated in the contract, thereafter company will not renew the medical plan. All benefits under this medical plan will cease to be payable from anniversary date immediately following the expiry of the 30 days advance notice. 

What does the removal of the Portfolio Withdrawal Condition mean to policyholders?
With the removal of this clause, the medical policy shall continue to be renewable on each policy anniversary subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Apart from that, all other existing benefits enjoyed by the policyholders remain unchanged.

The removal of Portfolio Withdrawal Condition is applicable for which products?
The removal is applicable for all current selling IL medical riders (on the shelf products) as listed below:


Product Name

Plan Code



U65 – U69


SmartMedic Enhancer

U110 – U112


Smart Premier Health

U115 – U118


SmartMedic Xtra

U119 – U122


Smart Extender

U130 – U139


Smart Extender Max

U123 – U126


IL Hospitalisation Benefits Rider


What is the effective date for the removal of the Portfolio Withdrawal Condition?
The removal is with immediate effect for all the products listed above. 

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Removal of Overall Lifetime Limit for SmartMedic Xtra and SmartMedic Xtra 99

What does the removal of the Overall Lifetime Limit mean to policyholders?
With the removal of the Overall Lifetime Limit, the benefits payable in respect of eligible expenses incurred for medically necessary services and/or treatments provided to the lifenassured from the risk effective date and during the lifetime of the life assured will not be subject to any Overall Lifetime Limit. In other words, there is NO LIMIT to the Overall Lifetime Limit. However, the Overall Annual Limit of the medical plan is still applicable.

The removal of Overall Lifetime Limit is applicable for which product?
The removal of Overall Lifetime Limit is applicable to the products as listed below:

Product Name

Plan Code

SmartMedic Xtra (SMX)

U119 – U122

SmartMedic Xtra 99 (SMX-99)

V119 – V122

What is the effective date for the removal of the Overall Lifetime Limit?
The removal of Overall Lifetime Limit is with immediate effect from 03 January 2017 for all products listed in Q2 above and is applicable to all inforce and new policies.

If I have made a claim with my SmartMedic Xtra/SmartMedic Xtra 99 medical plan prior to 03 January 2017, will the removal of Overall Lifetime Limit apply to my plan?
Yes, the removal of Overall Lifetime Limit will still apply to your plan as long as your plan is still inforce. This benefit is applicable to all SmartMedic Xtra and SmartMedic Xtra 99 plans retrospectively.

Is there any increase of insurance charges for SmartMedic Xtra and SmartMedic Extra 99 due to the removal of Overall Lifetime Limit?
No. The insurance charges for SmartMedic Xtra and SmartMedic Xtra 99 remain unchanged.

I am an existing policyholder of SmartMedic Xtra/SmartMedic Xtra 99. Where can I obtain a confirmation on the removal of the Overall Lifetime Limit?
You may refer to the announcement in our Corporate Website at or contact your agent. 

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You may choose to surrender or terminate your insurance policy at any time. If your policy has acquired cash or investment value at the time of surrender or termination, you will receive the surrender value payment less indebtedness and/or other surrender charges (if applicable). Please do consult your insurance agent before you surrender or terminate your policy to ensure you and your family are sufficiently protected against unexpected financial loss or disability.

How to surrender or terminate your policy:

Step 1

Contact your agent or Customer Service ( for advice

Step 2

Complete all required form(s) and prepare supporting document (if applicable)

Step 3

Ensure your signature is executed in the same manner as per the Proposal Form or the latest recorded signature.

Step 4

Submit the surrender/termination document to your agent or the nearest Great Eastern office.

Step 5

For policy with cash or investment value, you will receive notification when the surrender payment is credited to your nominated bank account.

 Note: Upon disbursement of payment, the Policy will be terminated so all benefits and rights shall cease.

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Unclaimed Money

Why did Great Eastern Life sent my money to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money?
If payment that is issued by Great Eastern Life is NOT cash-out or claimed by the policyholder or rightful payee within the period of ONE (1) year from the payment date, the payment will be categorized as unclaimed money. 

However, Great Eastern Life will normally notify the policyholder or payee before the money is remitted to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money and after the remittance as well.

How do I claim the money from the Registrar of Unclaimed Money?
Please write-in to us by providing the following information so we can check and respond* to you on your query.

  • Policy number
  • Identity card number
  • Name of the Assured

*Note: Any communication from us will be send to the last known address as stated in our record. If there is any change of address, please inform us by completing the ‘Request For Person Changes’ form to update the address. Please click here to download the form.

What are the documents I need to submit to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money after receiving confirmation letter from Great Eastern Life?
You need to submit the following documents to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money:

  • Original confirmation letter from Great Eastern Life.
  • Original UMA 7 (PIN 1/2015) form to be completed by policyholder or claimant.
  • Copy of Claimant’s identity card (front & back) or passport page for Non-Malaysian Citizenship.
  • Claimant’s bank book or statement (front page only showing the name and account number), which has been certified as true copy by the bank officer (must include bank officer’s signature and official rubber stamp indicating their name and designation).

If the policyholder has passed away and as the beneficiary of the Estate, how do I claim the money from the Registrar of Unclaimed Money?
You need to submit the following requirements to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money:

  • Original confirmation letter from Great Eastern Life.
  • Original UMA 7 (PIN 1/2015) form to be completed by the claimant.
  • Copy of the Claimant’s identity card (front & back) or passport page for Non-Malaysian Citizenship.
  • Claimant’s bank book or statement (front page only showing the name and account number), which has been certified as true copy by the bank officer (must include bank officer’s signature and official rubber stamp indicating their name and designation).
  • Certified True Copy of Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate. If this document is issued outside of Malaysia, the document must be registered and sealed by the Malaysian High Court. 

If my claim amount is very low, do I still need to provide the Certified True Copy Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate?
If the claim amount is RM 2,000.00 or less and claimant (executor or administrator) is unable to produce the Certified True Copy of Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate, please submit the following requirements to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money:

  • Certified True Copy proof of relationship between claimant and the deceased.
  • Certified True Copy of Death Certificate.
  • UMA 8 duly form completed by the claimant, in front of Commissioner of Oath or Hakim Mahkamah Seksyen or Majistret, and duly stamped and endorsed by Inland Revenue Board (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri).

After submitting the documents to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money, who should I check with on the status of the application? 
You may contact Registrar of Unclaimed Money directly at:

Pendaftar Wang Tak Dituntut
Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia
Peti Surat 110
Tingkat 42 Menara Maybank
100 Jalan Tun Perak
55050 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: - 03 2056 8000

Please note that the information on the submission requirement to the Registrar of Unclaimed Money is not conclusive as the Unclaimed Money authority may change their rules from time to time. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the Registrar of Unclaimed Money before any submission. For further information on unclaimed money, please refer to Jabatan Akauntan Negara website at  

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Updating of New (12-digit) Identity Card Number/Latest Passport Details/Other Personal Details

What are the available options for me to update for change of personal details?
For change of address, contact number and email address, you may update the change directly online via eConnect at through “My Profile” page.

For other personal details update, please complete the Request for Person Changes Form and submit the form together with a certified true copy or original sighted copy of the relevant supporting documents through mail/email/fax to:

Mailing Address

Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Berhad
Menara Great Eastern
No 303 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Attn: Customer Service Department

Email Address

Fax: +603 4259 8198

Alternatively, you may approach your agent for assistance or visit our nearest branch office.  Please ensure you bring along the original identification document.

What are the required supporting documents to update my personal details?
For update of Personal Details such as correction of name, identification number, Date of Birth, gender or change of citizenship, please submit a copy of the Birth Certificate/Identity Card/Passport (personal detail page)/Citizenship Certificate, duly certified true copy or original sighted by a person of prominent standing such as a doctor, lawyer, magistrate, Agency Manager, agent or authorised officers of the company as supporting evidence.  For certification by an agent, customer’s signature on the document is required.

It is advisable to indicate ‘For GELM use only’ on the copy of identification document before submitting the document to us for processing.

Is certified true copy (CTC) of Birth Certificate required for updating of Identity Card Number (NRIC)?
No, you only need to submit the certified true copy of your new NRIC.

Is it possible to change the name of the Assured?
If the Assured’s name is different from the name that was originally stated in the Proposal Form, please submit a certified true copy or original sighted official document indicating the change of name from the relevant competent authority and the new identification document as supporting evidence.  However, change of name to a different person is not allowed.

Why policyholder needs to update his/her signature?
This is to ensure we have policyholder’s latest specimen of signature for verification in the event of any future service request to amend/update policy contractual benefits.

What is the procedure for change of signature?
You may complete the Request for Person Changes Form to change/update your new signature.

If you have forgotten or are unable to execute your old signature on the form, please visit our  nearest branch office for assistance.

How long does it take to process the change?
It will take approximately 5 working days from the receipt date of the documents to process the change provided all relevant documents have been duly submitted.


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