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Browse: Claims

Careshield and Eldershield claim

Make a claim here if you are unable to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Critical illness claim

Make a claim on early to terminal major illnesses and find out how to apply for Doctor's Statement.

Death claim

We are sorry for your loss. Find out what are the required documents you need to file a claim.

Disability income claim

Make a claim on your disability income insurance to help you with the loss of income due to an accident or illness.

Maid injury and hospitalisation claim

Medical and hospitalisation claim

Make a claim on costs relating to hospitalisation, day surgery and other related medical bills.

Motor accident claim

Personal accident claim

We provide coverage for worldwide treatment when you meet with an accident.

Personal or public liability claim

Property damage claim

Retrenchment claim

Find out out how to make your retrenchment and unemployment claim at Great Eastern Singapore!

Travel claim

Terminal illness claim

Make a claim on terminal illness and find out how to apply for Doctor's Statement.

Work injury claim

Claims glossary The claims glossary has been compiled to help policyholders better understand the technical terms relating to insurance claims with Great Eastern Life.

Browse: Digital services

Digital services overview

Take advantage of Great Eastern digital services to understand your coverage and carry out policy transactions online.

Browse: Health connect

Consult a GP over video at $12 Providing affordable healthcare coverage islandwide with more than 300 General Practitioners clinics available. Find out more.
Health Connect overview Health Connect, a call-in service for Specialist Appointment and Pre-authorisation of medical expenses for Direct Claim Settlement
Health Connect FAQs Do you need to visit a GP or specialist? Do you require pre-authorisation of your planned admission under Health Connect specialist? Visit us for more!
Panel of Specialists A selected panel of doctors across 20 different medical specialties.
Receive personalised chronic disease management solutions Preferential rates for personalised solutions; Helps you get healthier, in a sustainable manner

Browse: Loans

Repay a policy loan

Browse: Par funds updates

Understanding the Par funds Great Eastern Life Participating Funds Update

Browse: Payment

Automatic Premium Loan (APL)

Cashflo card

Payment frequency or method



Premium payment

Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate change for 2023 Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate change

Browse: Policy assignment

Assign policy to new owner An absolute Assignment is a transfer of ownership from the Assured (Assignor) to another person or institution (Assignee).

Browse: Policy benefits

Cash benefits

Coverage benefits


Browse: Policy data

Consolidate your financial data from other institutions With a few easy steps, the Great Eastern App can help you save time as you consolidate your financial information in one single platform.
Make financial planning with your Financial Representative easy Customers do not need to retrieve all the hardcopy insurance contracts for the Financial Representative to perform financial planning.

Browse: Policy reinstatement

Browse: Rewards and promotions

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GREAT Critical Cover: Top 3 CIs

GREAT Critical Cover: Complete

GREAT Critical Protector

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Browse: Digital services overview

Browse: Repay a policy loan

Browse: GREAT Critical Cover: Top 3 CIs

Browse: GREAT Critical Cover: Complete

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